The Story of Keesh and the Life of Pi

The Story of Keesh and the Life of Pi Sample

The Story of Keesh and the Life of Pi Example

Have you ever heard of characters that have never met but act in a similar way? This is amazing, especially when it comes to the best human abilities, that help them to survive disregarding all the obstacles.

These parallels we can observe in “The Story of Keesh” by Jack London and “The Life of Pi” by Yann Martel. It is amazing to observe how both authors described the same human features but in so different ways. None of the authors mentions the features directly, however, the reader can make the conclusions based on the described events.

Keesh lives alone with his mother. His father was a great hunter, but he was killed by a polar bear while hunting him. So, Keesh has to take care of the family. The government provides some sources to survive, but their amount is too limited. That’s why the boy, who is just thirteen years old, and who knows how his father died, decides to go hunting. He is brave, isn’t he?

The same feature, the bravery, has another character, Pi. He is the only survivor on a boat, except a tiger. Of course, Pi is afraid for his life, because he doesn’t know what to expect from the animal. However, he still dares to go to search for water.

One more feature discussed in the stories is intelligence. It is worth just reading about the Keesh`s invention with a chunk of blubber and a whalebone! A perfect safe tool to kill a bear. It is very intelligent, isn’t it?

Pi, in turn, uses all utilities available in the ship to tame the tiger. He finds some tool, they have been used for circus shows and he correctly believes, he can control the tiger with them. This shows not only intelligence but the ability to think logically and consecutively.

One more feature discussed is the ability to plan strategically. In the story of Keesh, the reader sees it clearly when the boy is inventing the tool to kill a bear. He plans all in advance, every step. Moreover, all his actions and explanations are very logical and substantiated.

In the case of Pi, the reader can see this ability clearly, when Pi finds boxes with food. He is hungry, so, the first package is eaten very fast. He doesn’t notice himself when it happened that the package filled with food turns into just a piece or carton. Don’t you think he is tempted to eat as much as he can? Well, he is, but he thinks strategically: he has to keep some food, to be able to survive.

In both stories, the authors insist, that it is common for a human creature to look for solutions and to find them. Even though characters may be very different, with different background and different life circumstances, however, there is something that unites them. This something is called the human nature and the human ability to survive or at least to hope to survive regardless of what happens.


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The Nomothetic Approach in Personality Testing Essay

The Nomothetic Approach in Personality Testing Essay Sample

The Nomothetic Approach in Personality Testing Essay Example

Psychology offers a number of methods allowing people to test a personality. The Nomothetic approach is one of the most popular ones, which analyzes the common behavior laws. When it comes to the personality assessment, psychologists frequently apply this method proven in many theses

By the way, the origin of the term “nomothetic” dates back to more than 100 years ago. A prominent German philosopher W. Windelband is regarded to be the father of this method because he was the first who offered to use it in psychology. After that, another philosopher from the USA, G. Allport, identified it as one of the best methods, allowing to study the behavior of a person.

Today, psychologists frequently use it in a combination with another term “idiographic”. There is a difference between them. Nomothetic means searching for the general laws to use in order to characterize a person, while idiographic describes the individuality of a person. The key purpose of this approach is to identify the individual characteristic features of a person.

When using the nomothetic approach, psychologists define what characteristic features of a particular person are common to other people. Scientists believe that the behavior of a personality is predetermined by genetics only. They really believe that social environment can’t change some habits or behavior of a person. Sooner or later, genetic susceptibility will be brought to light.

The Nomothetic approach lays the groundwork for the ideographic description. The main thing you should know about this method of personality testing is that experts diagnose people in accordance with one or another feature. On the basis of this method, psychologists render a decision regarding the existence of a definite peculiarity in a group of people.

In current times, psychologists frequently use both approaches in their everyday work. Some of them consider that it is impossible to test a personality without the results of both approaches. Before you use the idiographic approach, it is necessary to identify common features through the use of the Nomothetic approach.

It is also worth mentioning that this method uses the study of traits. Otherwise stated, the results are contingent on the type of a person. Traits are the key determinants of a person. Commonly, psychologists consider traits to be the main determinants of human behavior.

They perform one function – to characterize a person. Furthermore, they consider that people share many common characteristics and if to study closer each of them, it is possible to understand common and different features of individuals.

According to the main trait framework, it is possible to identify four personality types:

  • Stable – Unstable
  • Introvert – Extrovert

Usually, they are subdivided into several clusters, which help psychologists give a more detailed analysis to a person.

All proponents of the nomothetic method consider that individuals are unique only in a combination of certain traits.

In current times, HR managers frequently use the techniques of this approach in order to recruit workers. For that reason, we can conclude that this is a powerful technique which is used not only in the abstract but in practice as well.


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“Desiree’s Baby” Foreshadowing Essay

“Desiree’s Baby” Foreshadowing Essay Example

“Desiree’s Baby” Foreshadowing Essay Sample

There were times when racism was rather common than abnormal. The story “Desiree’s Baby” tells us about those times, sad and strange, when people judged one another not based on the personal features, but based on the skin color.

An abandoned girl, Desiree, is adopted by a rich family. They bring her up, moreover, they find for her a rich husband. That sounds like a nice story, however, all is just starting there.

The story is filled with foreshadowing, so, we can suspect that not all is that simple. These cases of foreshadowing give the hints on the future current of the events even though the entire situation looks fine.

The first foreshadowing is when Armond, the future husband of Desiree, starts approaching her. The author indicates, that “his dark face…”. But how comes that a strict slave owner has a dark face? This is something that makes one think, especially, when we come to the most emotional part of the story.

The second foreshadowing is when Madame Volmonde, the stepmother of Desiree, comes to pay a visit to the family of Armond. When she comes to their property, she even winced when she saw the lands. They looked as if no caring hand of a woman ever touched them.

Moreover, people working on those lands looked like bothered by something. It seemed that they forgot how to be happy and careless. No need to mention those were slaves, but this already indicates the attitude of their owners to them.

However, Desiree gets married to Armond, which seems to be a good ending to the story, however, this is the point when the actual story starts. The couple gets their first son, and… the baby has a darker skin than it should be. Can you guess who is guilty? Well, Armond cannot accept that the reason may be in his roots, so, he accuses Desiree. She is adopted, so, nobody knows her parents. After victimizing Desiree, the family of Armond kicks her and her son out of the house…

In the end, Armond gets to know something interesting about his past. His mother was black. So, Desiree doesn’t have anything to do with the skin color of her son, or, rather, of their son. With this, the story ends. However, one question is still open: what has happened with Desiree and her child?

And here, one more foreshadowing comes. The young woman didn’t return to the Volmonde family. She has selected another way. What if she and her son had a chance to survive? Probably, however, the story doesn’t mention anything about it.

Kate Chopin uses symbolism and foreshadowing very widely in her story. So, even though some events may seem to give hope, we still feel, that something bad is going to happen. There are some deeper motives in the story, as well, however, those are rather for a bigger and a deeper research for writing your essay.


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Case Study of Barclays Premier Banking Marketing Essay

Case Study of Barclays Premier Banking Marketing Essay Example

Case Study of Barclays Premier Banking Marketing Essay Example

Barclays Bank is one of the most powerful and popular banks working globally, and for a reason, or, rather, for some reasons. The main task of the institution is to serve their clients around the world efficiently. Well-trained staff is devoted to teaching the customers to manage their money in the best way to get profit.

Then, the success lies in the fields of engagement of the Group. The Group is one of the biggest financial services providers, it is engaged in such fields as retail, wealth management, commercial banking, investment, credit cards and all related sectors. It sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

The financial institution is represented on all continents in the biggest and the richest countries of the world. The institution deals with more than 48 million clients in many countries, providing them such services as money transfers, money depositing, investment and lending options, and many other things which an institution of such class can provide.

The company takes the 24th place among the biggest companies of such kind globally, and it is the 4th largest company working in the financial sector, and working successfully, as we can see. The income of the company reaches around 1 billion of Euro, which is the best proof of the correctness of the selected development direction. This is impressive, isn’t it?

The main idea is to sustain the consistent growth and development through the provision of different services in absolutely different businesses and sectors. Even insurance is included in the list of the opportunities that the company provides to its clients!

Even though the market is growing and changing very rapidly, the main task of the financial institution is to be engaged in all possible fields that their clients may need. Well, in other words, the biggest ambition of the company is to provide their customers with comprehensive, high quality and reliable services.

The 300-year long story of the Group and the proven record of its performance is the best evidence of the correctness of the selected direction. Focus on customers’ needs, flexibility, reliability, and quality combined with attention and care to customers – these are the main ideas which made Barclays Bank one of the leading financial institutions of the world.

Can we say, that the bank`s ambition to become a leader in the financial field is realized? Yes, completely, but moreover, the team understands, that it is not enough just to reach the first place. One needs to work hard to keep it. And this is what Barclay`s team is doing.


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An A-Grade Cookie Clicker Cheats Userscript Essay Sample

An A-Grade Cookie Clicker Cheats Userscript Essay

An A-Grade Cookie Clicker Cheats Userscript Essay

Have you ever been obsessed or addicted? No, not to drugs, but the effect has been similar. Games, comics, sports, music. I would like to draw your attention to the phenomenon of mass intoxication, a means of total zombification – a browser game “Cookie Clicker”. This game is a vivid representative of the genre “press X to win”, but since it does not exist on consoles, it is often called a “one-click-achievement game”.

At the very beginning, we have a huge cookie on the screen and a bunch of some incomprehensible and, most importantly, so far inaccessible functions. What should you do? You just need to click. And, as it has turned out, – all ingenious is simple. For each click, you get one cookie. The number of cookies made grows, which gradually opens access to improvements that were previously unavailable: an auxiliary cursor, a caring grandmother, and a factory for the production of cookies.

The purchase of improvements entails the automatic stuffing of a certain number of cookies per second. You continue to click on the cookie, and the game helps to fill them. It seems that you do not need to click as the game does it perfectly well by itself. However, it’s just an illusion. In fact, the game just makes you addicted. After all, you want to buy an improvement, and on this improvement, buy another improvement, which will open the third improvement, the acquisition of which, finally, will open such a long-awaited acquisition.

And then the understanding of complete dependence comes. On the way to the store, to work/study, you no longer think about homework help, or, for example, what double periods are at the university today. You think how your cookie business is doing there, how many cookies it will produce during your absence, and what improvements it is better to spend them on. The game is childishly simple, and that’s why it’s genius. However, it is an evil genius.

You need more and more time to play in order to achieve the goal. What to do if you lack the time? Some great game fan created an effective way to cheat. If you want to experiment with the game mechanics or quickly achieve high results (albeit dishonest), you can use the cheats. This requires some interaction with the technical part of the game. Create a bookmark, and in the address field of the bookmark, paste the specially designed code. Now when you are on the game page, select the tab and a new menu will appear in the upper right corner where you can select the cheat.

There are several different ways on how to use cheats user-script depending on the browser a player uses. There is a category of people who think that cheating when playing the game doesn’t hurt anybody. But, to my mind, when doing so, something changes in the way the person starts thinking about many other things as well. This is not only about the game.

On the one hand, the Cookie clicker cheats user script is a great invention while, on the other hand, it is better to stick to the fair gameplay. A lot of children play this game. They will think that it is always possible to avoid difficulties in life by cheating. In my opinion, you need to avoid such helpful tools even in games in order to understand that you need to take a lot of efforts to reach the goal.


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