100 Topics for Research Paper Writing

best research paper topics

Best research paper topics don’t come easy. To think of a savvy, prompt-relevant topic an average student will spend the entire evening, if not more! Everyone knows that good research paper topics secure approximately 30% of overall paper success. When a topic is resonating, smart and savvy, a professor will be glad to grade a paper up to the mark.

Unfortunately, writer’s block is a serious issue. Lots of students suffer from fatigue and tiredness, being unable to come up with first-class topics. That’s why we decided to prepare a list of good research paper topics which will get you inspired and creative once again. But first, let’s cover some key cornerstones in the arch of conceiving a nice theme for a college manuscript.


Writing research paper topics effectively

rule, a school or college research paper topic is given by an instructor. There’s a list of themes you can choose from, but more often than not a professor may want you to come up with a unique topic, which fits into the framework of a current course material. If so, our advice would be the following:

  • Approach the process with a clear head
  • Think of a couple of topics for research paper in order to choose the best and have some as a backup, just in case
  • Opt-in for themes which offer lots of reference sources to rely on while conducting a research
  • Gather at least 5 reference sources to know what you’re about to deal with
  • Consult an instructor and get a topic approved
  • Try to compare your variants with those of other students in the class and ensure yours is a real-deal ground-breaker
  • Avoid being too vogue and muzzy, stick to prompt requirements A to Z
  • Keep it simple but make sure that your topic is captivating enough for a professor and fellow students alike
  • Sleep on it, next morning you might want to make some changes to the planned topic or go in for a completely different option
  • Easiest research paper always has a topic you personally enjoy working with, and since an assignment won’t do itself, tune in to positive vibes and find passion and satisfaction in working on a paper

Now, let us share 100 interesting research paper topics to kickstart your creativeness and streamline productivity. Enjoy!


Entertaining research paper topics

flea vs. Cat flea – Which jumps higher?
  • Why wet underwear is not comfortable? The scientific approach
  • Does a woodpecker ever have a headache?
  • Pros and cons of booty calls
  • Why mosquitos enjoy cheese so much?
  • One kilogram of lead vs. one kilogram of feathers – Which is heavier?
  • How cat food tastes? Results of tasting 5 popular brands
  • Dangers of sword swallowing in 2018
  • Why APA research paper format should go for good?
  • How many bottles a human skull can break before breaking?
  • Effects of physically attractive people on chicken
  • Rectal approach to curing hiccups
  • How to erase bad memories and keep all the good ones?
  • Can a pigeon tell Dali from Picasso?
  • Are unicorns real from an archeological point of view?
  • Why blues is considered devil’s music?
  • Pros and cons of love and sex with robots
  • Innovations in self-defense: Flatulence
  • Harry Potter is Jesus Christ of our days
  • Foreign bodies found in human rectum in 2017
  • Psychology rese

    Psychology research paper topics

    lors effect out daily moods?
  • What are the best 5 anti-depressants on the market?
  • How to decrypt reoccurring dreams?
  • How lack of sleep affects our mental health?
  • Healthy mind in a healthy body – Scientific point of view
  • Why children have to play in order to develop their brains?
  • Causes and effects of a postpartum depression
  • Why a mom harms her child?
  • Mental affects of infertility
  • Eating disorders – Fiction or the real issue in America?
  • How teenage hormonal level effect behavior?
  • Positive mental effects of going to the gym
  • PTSD and its effects
  • Who are more prone to having mental illnesses – men or women?
  • How to treat phobias?
  • Is violence a genetic illness?
  • Why so many homeless people are mentally ill?
  • Can parents’ divorce cause serious damage to child’s mental health?
  • Are stress and anxiety a big deal?
  • Does marriage counseling really work?
  • These were some of the top research writing paper topics regarding Psychology. Stay tuned, there’re even more to come, as we’re halfway through our chart!

    Political research paper topi

    Political research paper topics

    y change Europe?
  • Does Donald Trump deserve impeachment?
  • Political consequences of Brexit for Great Britain and Europe
  • Vladimir Putin – world terrorism elusive puppeteer
  • Is Russia a threat to peace in the region?
  • Are we about to face Cold War II?
  • What Trump and Putin have in common?
  • Can North and South Korea be one again?
  • Why is there still a dictatorship in the 21st century?
  • Why African and Middle Eastern refuges cause so much trouble to hosting countries?
  • 10 steps to be taken to eradicate racism globally
  • Should gun control laws be more severe?
  • Why deportation of immigrants is anti-human?
  • 7 reasons why Hilary Clinton would’ve made a better President?
  • What will happen to “Obamacare”?
  • Overview of Donald Trump’s National Security Policy as the President of the United States
  • Are gay marriages a political issue?
  • Vegas shooting: What did go wrong with the America?
  • Our President is a political bully
  • What is “Gerrymandering”?
  • Interesting research paper topics

    1. What are the 3 key alternatives to nuclear power plants?
    2. How blind children learn to read?
    3. Computerization of education: Pros and cons
    4. Hazards of online dating for college students
    5. What is the most physically challenging style of vocal?
    6. Did James Cameron really copycatted Pocahontas’ script?
    7. Cultural and social roots of racial discrimination
    8. How students can get rid of black bathroom mold for good?
    9. Should Nutrition be taught in high school?
    10. Do’s and don’ts of blood donating
    11. Opening a small business in the Digital Age
    12. What is the difference between Déjà vu and precognition?
    13. Men are more intelligent than women: Scientific point of view
    14. How to apply to work for NASA?
    15. People like Elon Musk: Top 3 entrepreneurs investing in space discoveries
    16. Why Finnish education is the best in the world (and not American?)
    17. Where there really weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
    18. 10 celebrities who successfully battled cancer
    19. Pros and cons of moderate alcohol consumption
    20. What people who were allegedly abducted by aliens have in common?

    Now, get ready for the college research paper topics which will be striking some major chords in 2018. Play with forecasts and know what to write about before anyone else does!

    Best 20 research paper topics in 2018

    1. How to enhance IT security in 2018?
    2. 5 programming languages which will be in great demand in 2018
    3. Racial and gender inequality in IT
    4. 10 innovations that turned the flow of history
    5. Is Donald Trump the President America truly deserves?
    6. Common day in life of a 18th century average American?
    7. 5 most dangerous religious cults in the world
    8. What if bubonic plague had returned?
    9. Modern-day slavery in 2018
    10. 10 celebrities who will annoy us most in 2018
    11. Why world hunger hasn’t been eradicated by 2018?
    12. How depression affects our immune system?
    13. Why bullying is still an issue in 2018?
    14. Why citizens of big cities suffer from eating disorders more often than denizens of rural areas?
    15. Effective methods for fighting depression and anxiety
    16. Why there’re more pessimists than optimists in the US?
    17. Are there any alternatives to the student loan?
    18. 5 most demanded professions in the US in 2018
    19. Mass media trends in 2018
    20. Why Trump’s initiative to send astronauts to the Moon is the right thing?

    Need any help?

    Writing a research paper step by s

    Need any help?

    sion. Sometimes it happens so that a student doesn’t have any time or commitment to put forth a quality text duly. We gave you a hundred topics, but there’re plenty of other themes to work on, too. But time is the resource students in a college lack most often. There’re no easy research paper topics, especially when you’re aiming for A+. And there’s no easy shortcut to drawing up a solid 10-page paper the same day. Even a professional academic expert needs more than an evening to prepare an expert-level text. That being said, what is the optimal solution?

    Asking a specialist for help is a hands down easy format to writing papers for a student with hectic timelines and fatigue stacking up higher when an end-term is near. Try out a writing service and see if it can help you with too challenging or time-tacking topics. There’s no harm in trying, and there’s plenty of benefits in giving it a go.