25 Interesting Research Paper Topics

Don’t want to write about the things everyone usually chooses? Like danger of speaking on the phone while driving, or control of gun? Possibly your tutor does not want to read about such things because he annually gets the same papers. Your research paper should not only make an impression on the tutor, but present something juicy about the subject. It is difficult to write something juicy about such commonplace matters. But how can you make an impression on the tutor if there is a possibility that he is tired of reading papers about one and the same subject? You should pick a subject that would be more unexpected and interesting. If you are puzzled with what subject to choose for the research paper, then this article is quite the thing.

Here are variants of interesting research paper topics:

Topics connected with local events

Conducting a research on local events is not easy but creating a paper about the problems of the society around you provides you with information and keep you advised. Beyond that it is a variant for a splendid research project. And a splendid research project is a way to a best mark. You should begin your research on local events from reading local newspapers and surfing the net for information. You will not probably find very detailed information that is needed to create a thorough research work, but these sources are suitable to start the project. Besides, conducting a research on local events can help you enhance your skill of interviewing. Here are several kinds of local events you can use for the project.

Entertaining Topic #1. Political brawl

Has a statesman peculated money or got an indictment in a corrupt practice?

Entertaining Topic #2. University issues and strikes

Has there been a student strike for reducing of payment for education or books? Has the University administration been interviewed about any existing problems?

Entertaining Topic #3. Issues and victories of small enterprise

Does your community have a small enterprise as a keystone and you would like to study how it influences the society? Does a small enterprise suffer because of a new large mall in the neighborhood?

Entertaining Topic #4. Problems of the city government

Must the city administration undertake more actions to provide help for the citizens? Must they assign more funds to repair roadways? Are the services provided by the city appropriate?

Entertaining Topic #5. School issues and revolts

Do parents or school administration fight for a new schedule, or sport reformation?

Topics connected with the state of environment and health

You may study the state of environment and health on a local or world scale. As an example, you can study the actions being undertaken by the steadily developing towns to explicate in what way your town can compete with them. You may also study the state of these issues in developing towns throughout the globe. You can look through this list of corresponding research paper topics ideas and pick one.

Entertaining Topic #6: Chemicals in food

Isn’t tinned food dangerous for health because of chemicals contained in it? Must there be more severe directions concerning labeling of tins?

Entertaining Topic #7: Killing predators

Are farmers entitled to exterminate predators to save their cattle? What will happen if predators will be allowed to breed?

Entertaining Topic #8: Developing towns

Tell about developing towns you know and about their undertaken actions. What can your society do to turn your town into the developing one?

Entertaining Topic #9: Paper-bags

Must paper-bags be restricted? Must there be an extra payment for paper bags in the shops? What are the results of paper-bag restriction in some states?

Entertaining Topic #10: Coal production

What efficient ways of coal production do you know? How do some ways of coal production influence the society?

Topic connected with the society life

These subjects influence all people. When you are going to discuss problems of the society in your paper, apparently, you will speak about the way they influence a bigger group of people. For example, the way poorness influences the whole generation. But remember that you can also write about the regional social problems, for example of your town. Look through these good topics for research papers to find something suitable for the project.

Entertaining Topic #11. School Expulsion

Discuss the factors which cause the raise of school expulsion rates and what can be done to reduce them.

Entertaining Topic #12. Child poorness

In what way does poverty influence children? What actions must government undertake to decrease child poorness rates?

Entertaining Topic #13. Youngsters medical treatment

Can youngsters refuse to get health services? How old should be the person to decide whether to get health services or not?

Entertaining Topic #14. Medical treatment of children

Do children get too much medical treatment? What are the reasons of such overmedication?

Entertaining Topic #15. Payment for education

Do you think education must be free for the state citizens? What benefits do European free colleges have?

Topics connected with law

Studying issues connected with law may be difficult because of sophistication of some laws and its’ language. You will have to spend some time looking for enough number of sources. Look through these subjects to decide what to write about.

Entertaining Topic #16. Technologies in the system of court

What supervision technologies are suitable to be used in court?

Entertaining Topic #17. Police equipment

Must policemen have a camera on their belt? Can it improve their working environment and make it less dangerous?

Entertaining Topic #18. Child criminality

What aspects of punishment for child criminality should be changed? Must youngsters have the same punishment as older people for particular kinds of crimes?

Entertaining Topic #19. Arrest rates

What has caused raise of arrest rates? Does it have a negative effect on the state economy and social life?

Entertaining Topic #20. Equipment for reading the license plate

Do you consider technology for reading the license plate to be essential for controlling law observation?

Topics connected with social networks

Nowadays it is popular to create a blog in the net to share your opinion on movies, games or funny commercials. Although reading such blogs can produce some interesting thoughts and ideas, do not think that they are reliable sources for the research project. So, it is better to find confirmation of the info you read in blogs.
Here are several research paper topics about social networks you might find interesting.

Entertaining topic #21: Usage of profiles in social networks for companies’ benefit.

Is there a concern that social networks are used by enterprises for their own benefit? In what way does this strategy influence consumers?

Entertaining topic #22. Social networks affect the self conception

How do social networks influence the self conception of teenagers? Do they reduce or increase it? Can you tell about the examples when social networks increased the self conception of teenagers?

Entertaining topic #23. E-Sports

Must e-sports be adopted as sports in educational institutions? Can it be defined as a sport if it does not require too much physical qualities?

Entertaining topic #24. Commercial presence in schools

Do you think corporate commercial presence can help schools which do not get enough state budgeting?

Entertaining topic #25. Commercials and Stereotypes

Discuss in what way do commercials embed stereotypes connected with race. Can any commercial change some stereotypes?

It is a well-know fact that research projects are hard to create. The complexity if this task is certainly based on picking a subject. It is the most serious problem that appears when you are thinking what to write about. You should remember that the subject is the most significant aspect of the entire project. And the success of the work almost completely depends on it.

The best research paper topics are not studied completely, so you can study them on your own and make your own conclusion. Apparently, you will make many research projects during your studies, so you have to improve the ability to pick the best subject. But not every subject you want to select is simple in discussing. Do not forget that entertaining research project begins with an entertaining subject but picking it is only the start of a long way. Pick the subject that is interesting for you. If you are bored to write about any subject, it will be evident to a person that will read it. If it was interesting to write about, it would be evident as well. So pick a topic that you feel excited about before you gather information. In this case studying the subject will be entertaining and you will put your heart into the project. So be careful with selecting the theme.

When you start studying the subject try to improve your statement as you are going on through the paper. It will help you develop your interpretation and analysis. Your interest may lead you through the project. Remember that if you are not excited about the subject it is better to select the theme that is more interesting for you.