5 Best Resources to Help With Writing A Research Paper

Does the thought of the fact that you are supposed to submit a research paper scares the hell out of you? I bet you are one out of a million learners who find it not only scaring but challenging to write a research. However, considering that research paper writing is a part of every institution of higher learning, there is no way you can avoid it. What then do you do in such a situation? Research paper writing need not be that stressing. It is true that you will need to put a lot of effort and time to write a successful research paper but with the right source of information and an appropriate topic, you will find that writing a great research paper is not that hard. As such, all you need is research paper writing help and guidance on what you need to craft a reasonable research paper. For this reason, this article covers a comprehensive list of five resources that you can use when writing a research paper in any subject and be assured of immense success.

Why you need credible sources for your research paper writing

Writing a research paper is not all about connecting sentences in a paragraph to form a research paper; there is more to it such as making sure that the claims that you make are valid and applicable in the context of your paper. How then do you achieve such milestones? It is important to note that every major point that you have in your research paper needs to be backed up by reliable supporting ideas. This is where most learners start citing challenges especially given that it can be hard to get such ideas and/or points.

Such conditions push many learners to seek help with research paper writing from research paper writing companies. However, you should understand that a research paper differs significantly from a mere composition. To differentiate your research paper from a composition, you need to make reference to other researchers who have contributed knowledge within your area of study.

Where then do you find credible resources? And are there resources that are not worth being used in your research paper writing process? Make sure that you stick to scholarly sources of information about your research topic and avoid websites and other sources whose content is highly questionable such as Wikipedia since its content is editable by anybody who feels like editing.
Highlighted below is an example of resources that you can use the next time you are required to write a research paper. These resources are suitable sources of credible information that you can used when looking for whatever type of research paper help; be it to establish missing information in given subject or literature gap.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

The ERIC is a suitable research database whose major focus is on education. Are you carrying out an education-related research paper? Then the Education Resources Information Center is the best place to get all the necessary information with regard to your chosen topic. In spite of this, you will still find information on subjects such as psychology, social work, as well as any other issue related to social aspects. Once you enter your research, you will get a list of journal articles that you can skim through to establish their relevance to your research topic.

Internet Public Library

The internet public library gives you the option of searching any materials that you want based on the subject. Unlike in the case of ERIC which links to scholarly journals, the Internet Public Library has a close link to websites. More often, this resource will lead you to credible government and organizations’ sites that contain information related to your search. As such, in the event that your research paper is based on a particular government or organization, the Internet Public Library can be a suitable resource. Therefore, the next time you are looking for search information search from the Internet Public Library.

Google scholar

The google scholar is a resemblance of Google search engine. However, the difference is that the Google scholar will give you searches that are refined in terms of books, articles, as well as years of publication. As such, this resource will save you a lot of time since the search is narrowed to what you are looking for and hence, you avoid irrelevant results such as advertisements. In addition, the search results will give your resources in various formats such as websites, .pdfs, and journal articles. This makes it easy for you to get the information that you are looking for in the best format possible. Moreover, you are assured peer reviewed articles implying that the materials that you get here are reliable and credible.


The RefSeek resources is meant purposely for researchers and students with different needs. It is a search engine just as Google but it focuses majorly on results that are highly scholarly as opposed in the case of Google where you will be given everything regardless of its credibility. The RefSeek is specifically advantageous in that it gives you the chance to carry out a search particularly for documents hence, which implies that you are in a better position to find credible and reliable information that can be pf much help writing a research paper. As such, this resource position itself as suitable source of any research information and ensures a refined such that you can be specific on certain documents.

School library

The library has been used for long as the ideal source of information for any research. The continued use of library is attributed to the fact that libraries in any school contain different types of books that can be entirely different in terms of subject, level of study, as well as the specificity of the materials’ coverage. In addition, libraries are clearly arranged such that you can find your way around the library, as well as the preferred resource easily.

Therefore, the next time you are writing your research paper make sure that you visit a number of credible resource for the purpose of obtaining reliable information that is specifically meant for your selected subject.