5 Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting an Essay

Starting an Essay

Do you experience difficulties starting an essay? There is no such a student who could avoid these problems. However, if you follow the helpful tips and tricks, the essay will seem to be more a piece of cake than a headache. You may wonder how such a tiresome college assignment may become easier with the help of recommendations. Everything is easy. The secret of effective essay writing is in the preparatory work you should do before you get started.

Don’t hurry to take a pen and write until you answer five main questions. All successful people first make it clear what to do and how to do this and only then get to work. Check out the list of major questions you need to find answers to before you proceed to the writing process itself.

Question 1: Which Distinctive Features Does Your Essay Type Have?

The very first thing you should do is to be careful reading what type of an essay you have been assigned to write. There are a number of essay types, among which there are such as a narrative, descriptive, argumentative and others. In general, the structure of essays is similar but the content will differ much as each type has its own distinctive features.

The type of an essay will influence the choice of a topic or if to be more exact its formulation. Many college professors prefer giving topics but some allow you to choose an essay you would like to write. In case it is up to you to define, what kind of an essay you want to develop, then learn more about their characteristics to discover, which one you can write better. What does this mean? For example, some students find it easier to write narration as there you don’t have to provide arguments. You just share your vision of the topic and describe it vividly.

Question 2: Which Goal do You Want to Achieve?

After you have decided what type of an essay to write, you should answer the next question concerning setting a goal. Think why you have been assigned to write this essay. Brainstorm ideas about the main aim of your piece of writing and do your best to achieve the goal successfully.

You may have more than one goal. For example, writing an essay, you may wish to get an A-grade and become the teacher’s pet, learn more about the topic and contribute to your future profession.

The goal can serve your main focus. It is a direction, the so-called starting point, which will help you to move forward.

Question 3: What does Your Teacher Expect from Your Essay Writing?

Does your teacher want you starting an essay with a quote? Or is it better starting an essay with a question? Giving a task to write an essay, your teacher didn’t have an aim to torture you. Think what is the main aim of this assignment and what expectations your teacher has. Sure, that students are expected to show their theoretical knowledge and practical skills while writing an essay. You need to think how it will be better to write this work so that you show the maximum of your writing potential. Revise all material you have learned during the course. Use textbooks and the recommended literature to create an impressive piece of writing to meet all expectations of your college teacher.

Question 4: Are You Competent On the Topic You are Going to Write about?

The choice of an essay topic is a responsible task. If you have asked to find an interesting topic on your own, you should look through the samples of topics on the Internet to make your topic sound original. Don’t pick up banal themes, reading which your teacher will struggle not to sleep.

Give preference to the topic you are familiar with or would like to learn more about. Choose among the actual topics, which will be interesting not only to you but to your reader as well. Think of the impressive thesis statement, which you should place in the introductory part of your paper.

Question 5: Do You Know How to Structure Your Essay in the Right Way?

You have already done a great job having set goals, chosen the topic and clarified a lot of points. Now it is high time to learn more about the right structuring of your written assignment. The well-written work is a combination of the brilliant content free from any kind of errors. Before you get started, you should make an essay outline. If you don’t know how to start an essay introduction, hit the books and study essay examples first.

Think of attention grabbing sentences and decide how many paragraphs your essay will contain. Usually, the good essay is the one having five paragraphs but this number may vary depending on the topic. Start writing only after you have a clear picture of how the final variant must look like.

Entrust the Search for Words to Start an Essay to Those Who Can Do This Perfectly

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