5 Tips on How To Keep Your Paper Writing Simple

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Often times, people want to go overboard while writing their research paper. They think that by using complex vocabularies and approaching their writing tasks heads on, they will be viewed as being more brilliant, highly skilled, and of course, stand a chance of getting a good grade. This is however not the case.

When writing a research paper, use simple words and tone it down a bit, otherwise, you’ll sound vague to your audience. Using big words while writing a research paper doesn’t make you sound smarter. No, it doesn’t. In fact, complex writing is a great way to alienate your audience. And you don’t want that, do you? If you are writing a professional paper, don’t try to sound smart. Keep your paper writing simple. This way, you’ll deliver your message clearly, concisely while also sounding smarter to your audience.

In research paper writing, it is best to keep it simple yet captivating and engaging. Achieving your primary objective of keeping your audience engaged just got easier. Follow these simple tips

Choose simple language

As stated earlier, avoid using complex words. Also, remember not to deviate from the topic of discussion. Furthermore, do not use texts that are beyond the level of the research work or words that don’t fit the context, else you’ll alienate your readers. It is also important to be comfortable with your choice of words. This will keep your writing smooth and engaging. Of course, building your vocabulary is important but you need to take into account your target audience. While some may understand your language and tone easily, others may find it a bit complex. So it is important to keep your vocabulary under control.

Act as is your audience have little or no idea about the topic being discussed. That way, you’ll learn to keep your writing simple. Simplify the subject matter. Keep your readers in mind. Keep in mind that writing is an art of communication. Do not go above the level of your target audience

Choose good topic

The end point of writing a research paper is to not only find a solution to a problem but to also create meaning. In this case, your topic of choice plays a vital role. Don’t choose popular topics, except, of course, you have a unique view. If you feel you’re bringing nothing new – just the same old story written differently – then drop the topic. Instead look for small topics. Your main priority should be writing a meaningful research paper

Avoid redundancies

Another great way to keep your research paper simple and engaging is to avoid being redundant. Stop repeating the same thing over and over again. Because when you do, it will most likely bore your audience. Redundancy is a sign of lack of creativity. So, try as much as possible to stay focused on the subject.

Don’t try to alter reality

Basically, a research paper is to determine how well you can put together ideas. You are not expected to bring changes to reality with your research paper. Though some research papers are expected to find lasting solutions to world events, not all of them. All you have to do is to demonstrate how you can communicate happenings that are specific to the subject matter while catering to your target audience.


After writing a research paper, the next step is to proofreading. By so doing, you’ll be able to detect costly mistakes. Also, remove or modify anything that makes the paper meaningless. Remove any extra words that neither make sense nor fit into the context. How is this done? Follow these tips

  • First, make a draft of the entire text
  • Secondly, take a break for few hours to feel rejuvenated
  • Come back ready and rejuvenated to proofread.

Even professional writers make mistakes. No one is above mistake. However, you can sound smarter, keep writing simple, improve your text, and engage your audience while paying attention to their needs by following these few tips.

Start Your Research Paper with The Right Sentence

When it comes to writing a research paper or any kind of writing, the first sentence plays a key role. Asides the topic, the first sentence is the next thing an audience will come in contact with. In this case, first impression matters. Your first sentence needs to grab the attention of your target audience. Essentially, it gives them a feel of what to expect.

Go back to some of the pieces you’ve read recently. Did you find the first sentence engaging, captivating or helpful? So if you’re looking to leave a lasting impression on your reader, your first sentence should contain the following

  • It is usually a straightforward statement
  • It should state clearly the essence of the research paper
  • It should be short and concise
  • It makes the reader want to find out more

Your first sentence should possess these features. All in all, the first sentence is basically to gear audience to keep reading. Conversely, some people get off to a bad start. This can make a reader lose interest in knowing what problem the research paper aims to solve. Make sure your first sentence is not long-winded, and avoid being vague. Rather, make it short and simple. The first sentence is where you need to nail the topic – pay close attention to it

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