A Guide to Writing a 10-Page Paper in 2 Hours

A term paper is a hard task if you don’t start preparing for writing it in advance. The most common situation that students face when studying at a college is procrastinating all writing tasks until last day before the deadline. The reasons for doing it are not a banal laziness or the lack of time due to work. No matter what reason has made you postpone writing your essay. You have to know how to cope with writing it in a few hours.

If you have time for reading this article, it means that you will manage to write the essay quickly. It’s a guide to writing 10 page paper. What you need is to calm down if you feel nervous and focus only on doing this very task. If something interferes with the process, you will have a very little chance to cope with the task so quickly. Switch off your phone and close the door to your room. Or tell everyone that you will go to sleep.

10 pagepaper in 2 hours

How to write a term paper quickly with ease?

A proper planning is key to success for any writing task. If you have a pen and a piece of paper, you can draw a scheme of your future assignment. Write the heading such as a 10 page paper in 2 hours with ease and start making up a plan. You may spend up to 50% of your time on doing this preparatory step. You will save much time from writing and rewriting your paper for many times. If you don’t plan your writing, it will be hard to preserve a logical structure of the writing.

Divide your plan into three sections:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Conclusion

Take a look at the title and think what you can write for thesis part that can make the reader interested. Your goal is to choose the problem or question that can be negotiable and you know what you can write about it in the body part. Don’t choose any unfamiliar things for you even if you dream to do the research about them. Do it when writing another term paper in the future.

Use Google or another search engine to look for any books available online. There’s no time and strong need to go to the library. If you have any books in your room, use them. There’s no time for reading the resources for a long time. Take three books that are the first ones and look them through as quickly as you can. Write down quotations that you will use directly into your plan.

Don’t forget to write all the book and author details for the reference list. Don’t think about formatting or mistakes. Your initial steps include planning and collecting the information. Don’t copy and paste any fragments of the resources as it will be plagiarism. You can use quotations only to support your own views and ideas.

Choose five quotations that you will use in the body part of the term paper. You need to spread them in the body part when writing a 10 page paper. For example, you can take one quotation per one page. Start writing your essay from any page number if you feel you know what to say about that problem or issue that you found in the book or journal article.

Tips on how to write a 10 page paper in 2 hours

You have a plan and you have quotations that you can use for writing the text. You can feel calm about writing as we’ll tell you how to make writing a 10 page paper easy. Don’t you believe us? Just try our tips out. Focus only on one piece of the text at a time and eat something sweet to give your brain enough glucose. You can drink any sweet thing for the same purpose.

What’s a 10 page research paper outline format?

An outline is a very detailed plan that you will use for writing your draft. How does an outline look like when you lack time? Create 10 pages in any word processing software or take 10 pieces of writing. You will use the thesis and quotations that you have prepared already for making the outline. We advise you to print the text to save time. But you are free to do what you like more as you will also save time with it this way.

Page one is devoted to an introduction. Here you will need to write the hook sentence and the thesis. What makes you take the paper of another student and read it until the end? Writing fast doesn’t exclude thinking over the process. You should be a reader criticizing your own words. Write down a hook and a thesis for the outline. You will develop them into several paragraphs at the next stage.

Are you still worried? How is writing a 10 page paper possible? If you have these thoughts, have a very short break to take a few sips of water or eat something sweet. The body part is the biggest one and you will devote eight pages to it. Write one quotation for every page of the body except the first and the last ones. Write down short notes what you think about these quotations and how they are related to the topic.

Set the timer for every stage of doing the task to cope with writing a 10 page paper in 2 hours. Spend up to fifteen minutes on making notes for the citations. The first and the last page of the body part will be for your views on the problem and information whether this issue was ever researched and if it needs to be researched in the future.

And the last page will be for the conclusion. Leave this page blank and sum up everything when writing the draft. The process of writing a 10 page research paper is not hard if you focus only on doing it. This is the key to success. When you have the outline ready, it’s time to craft your draft. Where do you want to start? Choose any page you like and write the text.

How long does it take to write a 20 page paper?

write a 20 page paper

When you have the text written on all pages, you will feel yourself like a hero who is able to write even a 20 page paper in a short time. But keep in mind that doing this is very stressful and you shouldn’t do it very regularly. You may feel exhausted when you finish writing, so make sure to have rest after it. And it’s better to start a 20-page paper in advance not to feel to overwhelmed.

When you have your draft ready, you can have a few minutes of rest. Don’t use any gadgets as they will overload your brain. You can open the window to let fresh air come in. Close your eyes and think about nothing. Let your thoughts go away from your mind. This technique will help you come back to work with a lot of energy and motivation. Once you feel you have enough power to go on, it’s time to do it.

How much time do you have now? There’s no need to panic as additional doses of stress hormones will switch off your logical thinking and it will be hard to concentrate. You have a draft that you need to read and organize your thoughts into a logical order. Take a look at the pages of the body part and think if they are in the accurate position. You can change their order and start reading the whole text. Don’t mind the mistakes, thing about coherence and structure.

If you follow the 9 page essay format, you can save a few minutes of your time. Read the whole text again and correct all the mistakes that you have. Use spell and grammar checkers to assist you if you feel too tired of the process. When you are ready with this, it’s time to take care with the title page and the references list. Use Google to see examples how to do it and just repeat someone else’s experience. Check the fonts and spacing as well. The last step will be printing the assignment and viewing if it’s ok.

Get help with the term paper

help with the term paper

Once you see that you cannot cope with the task on your own, you should find people that can help you do the whole writing for you or only a part of it. If you have any problems even after reading this article on how to write a 10 page research paper, look for the writers who can help you. We know that you feel worried about the quality of the paper and the price that you have to pay for it. Choose only experienced writers who have a great experience in doing it.

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