An A-Grade Cookie Clicker Cheats Userscript Essay Sample

An A-Grade Cookie Clicker Cheats Userscript Essay

Have you ever been obsessed or addicted? No, not to drugs, but the effect has been similar. Games, comics, sports, music. I would like to draw your attention to the phenomenon of mass intoxication, a means of total zombification – a browser game “Cookie Clicker”. This game is a vivid representative of the genre “press X to win”, but since it does not exist on consoles, it is often called a “one-click-achievement game”.

At the very beginning, we have a huge cookie on the screen and a bunch of some incomprehensible and, most importantly, so far inaccessible functions. What should you do? You just need to click. And, as it has turned out, – all ingenious is simple. For each click, you get one cookie. The number of cookies made grows, which gradually opens access to improvements that were previously unavailable: an auxiliary cursor, a caring grandmother, and a factory for the production of cookies.

The purchase of improvements entails the automatic stuffing of a certain number of cookies per second. You continue to click on the cookie, and the game helps to fill them. It seems that you do not need to click as the game does it perfectly well by itself. However, it’s just an illusion. In fact, the game just makes you addicted. After all, you want to buy an improvement, and on this improvement, buy another improvement, which will open the third improvement, the acquisition of which, finally, will open such a long-awaited acquisition.

And then the understanding of complete dependence comes. On the way to the store, to work/study, you no longer think about homework help, or, for example, what double periods are at the university today. You think how your cookie business is doing there, how many cookies it will produce during your absence, and what improvements it is better to spend them on. The game is childishly simple, and that’s why it’s genius. However, it is an evil genius.

You need more and more time to play in order to achieve the goal. What to do if you lack the time? Some great game fan created an effective way to cheat. If you want to experiment with the game mechanics or quickly achieve high results (albeit dishonest), you can use the cheats. This requires some interaction with the technical part of the game. Create a bookmark, and in the address field of the bookmark, paste the specially designed code. Now when you are on the game page, select the tab and a new menu will appear in the upper right corner where you can select the cheat.

There are several different ways on how to use cheats user-script depending on the browser a player uses. There is a category of people who think that cheating when playing the game doesn’t hurt anybody. But, to my mind, when doing so, something changes in the way the person starts thinking about many other things as well. This is not only about the game.

On the one hand, the Cookie clicker cheats user script is a great invention while, on the other hand, it is better to stick to the fair gameplay. A lot of children play this game. They will think that it is always possible to avoid difficulties in life by cheating. In my opinion, you need to avoid such helpful tools even in games in order to understand that you need to take a lot of efforts to reach the goal.


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