Analysis Paper Outline Complete Guide

Analysis Paper Outline

What is an analysis paper and how to create one? Analysis paper is a type of academic assignment that requires a student to do research on a certain topic, examine it, and evaluate work. The key element is identifying an author’s thesis. A student has to understand the main idea of a book or a film. A writer can achieve three purposes:

  • informing
  • persuading
  • entertaining

Once a writer identifies the purpose of writing a book, he can analyze whether a certain purpose was developed and achieved. Clear and accurate information, logical reasoning, coherence, and contrary evidence help a student to write an analysis paper.

An outline helps to create a well-structured essay. A correct structure allows organizing your thoughts in a logical order. Review the outline example below:

  • Introduction. The first part of an essay should interest readers. Create a “hook” to grab readers’ attention. Develop a thesis. Come up with one-two sentences to describe how you are going to prove your idea.
  • Body. The biggest part of an assignment requires a writer to support his thesis. There should be at least three claims and evidence. Writing an analysis paper is a time-consuming task. Do research in advance using as many sources as possible. A good understanding of a topic will allow you to develop an interesting thesis and provide relevant evidence. The body part can include from a few paragraphs to as many as you are able to write.
  • Conclusion. Wrap up all evidence and summarize your work. Restate your main points. Relate the topic to the world or end your essay with a quote written by an author. The last impression has to be interesting to make your work memorable.

Tips For Creating A Critical Analysis Paper

Students are often given a task to write a critical paper. This helps students to form a unique opinion and support it with evidence. Tutors require reading or watching materials widely. Plan your time in advance to research a subject. If your task is to answer a question, develop arguments. Search for relevant evidence. Use at least five references.

Follow the analysis paper format we have provided above to make it look and sound professional. An essay has to be checked for grammar and spelling errors. Edit and proofread an assignment. Check how to make citation and referencing. When presenting a paper professionally, the chance to get a higher grade is in your hands. Review three key elements to use in the body part to convince your audience


  • emotions – use descriptive words to approach an audience, try to make your readers emotional
  • ethics – discuss what is right and what is wrong in your opinion, use ethics to convince your readers that your idea is relevant
  • critical thinking – provide evidence, support your arguments to prove that you are sure about your idea

Writing A Rhetorical Analysis Paper Step-by-step

Another type of analytical paper is rhetorical. It also requires attention and research. Find information about the author, what he wanted to say, who the reader is, what the purpose of a text is. When you develop answers, you will be able to understand why the author wanted to pass a certain message to an audience. Break the text, artwork, or a TV show into pieces to come to the closest understanding of the author’s idea.

Start writing an essay. Follow the outline: introduction, body, conclusion. Develop a thesis and include it in the introduction part. Make the introduction interesting so readers proceed to the body part. Write your points and brainstorm them in the body part. If you find writing the conclusion part difficult, reiterate your thesis from the first part of an essay. Use simple language to make readers understand the purpose of creating an analytical paper. Mistakes that you should try to avoid:

  • do not rely on the opinion of a book author or a film director, develop your own
  • do not analyze too many issues from a text, a book, a film not to make a conclusion “crowded”
  • do not describe the whole text or a film, your task is to analyze the main idea
  • when discussing events in the text, a book, or a film, use present or past tense only
  • use quotes instead or paraphrasing
  • make sure you write an essay in the format required by your teacher

When reading or watching a material, take notes. The research will take the longest. Do not leave the task until the last minute. You will lose marks if your concept analysis paper does not sound logical. The main mistake a lot of students make is creating a paper too soon. Plan your time well and start researching a week in advance. If you do not have such an opportunity, there are writing services that will write a paper for you. You just need to find the best one.

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