Apple’s Business Mission

Apple’s Business Mission Essay

The mission of the company can be compared with the guiding star in the sky for the ship, which it is navigating to move forward without having an accurate map of the sea. The mission of the company is not a panacea for all diseases, but its presence can inspire people, help them understand the meaning and significance of their job, and why they should get up in the morning and go to their office. The mission attracts the best people to the company like a magnet. The mission is at the top of the hierarchy of corporate goals. This is a justification of the company activity, that is, it is a description of its values, aspirations, and reasons for doing business. A clearly defined mission becomes the basis for the further development of all subsequent goals and plans. Without a clear mission, goals and plans can be developed at random and do not provide for the success of the enterprise.

An official mission statement is a general definition of the organization’s purpose, ensuring its distinction from other companies of the similar type. A well-developed mission statement can increase the motivation of employees and the effectiveness of this enterprise. The content of a mission statement often focuses on the market and customers and determines the desired areas. The mission statement describes the characteristics of the company, such as corporate values, product quality, location and attitude of employees.

The mission of Apple Computer, Inc. at the beginning of its activity only stated that the company offers computers of the highest quality for people all over the world. This mission was one of the most “poor” applications, which can only be found in the list of missions. Apple only listed its products, which was not a true mission of the company. Apple told about its key products, but it was not clear enough how these products had to affect its customers and how it was going to maintain its image. The company did not declare its philosophy and the main concept. This mission does not explain what values are considered as the most important. The statement was commercially oriented, which allowed Apple to expand its product on the market, otherwise, the company’s mission would become obsolete. In other words, Apple was not ready to share with the public a vision about its purpose. However, the top managers had such vision and it could just be used as a mission.

The recent statement of the Apple company, unlike the previous one, includes all key consumer moments, product segments, and also demonstrates Apple’s self-esteem and customer-oriented attitude. And on the whole, it shows the purpose of the company. In the past, Apple Inc. was engaged in the production of personal computers, but today Apple is more known for such devices as iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTunes service, which provides access to music records via the Internet. Thus, Apple surpassed sales of music records Wal-Mart, a former leader in this field, in 2008.

Now Apple managers are planning a detailed audit of the results achieved, which will enable the company to succeed in the business of selling entertainment devices even more. The new approach does not require consumers to use Apple software and download songs from Apple’s virtual store to a special device, allowing them to order and listen to music through web browsers. This means that iTunes can sell music records through search engines and other websites, and people can access their purchases from anywhere they have access to the Internet. The companies claim that Apple plans to add a subscription service for the next two years, which will make the company a direct competitor to cable and satellite companies such as Comcast and DirecTV. But it is to note that Apple’s plans had not yet become public and managers are very laconic in evaluating various goals and options for action.

In this way, it should be concluded that the best way to achieve the company’s goal is to create new technologies, to develop and to launch new products and to advertise as well. And we know that the Apple company is able to distribute its forces and resources to achieve the goal in accordance with the effectiveness of the ways of the further development. There is a difference between companies of different size: a small company and even a company of up to 100 people can be rallied more easily than a large corporation with a staff of several hundred thousand people. Therefore, there are doubts that in global corporations the mission really works. Otherwise, at this level, the corporation must change the reality and turn everyone into its faith, as it was with Apple or Facebook.