Attractive Introduction for a Research Paper: How to Write?

Research Paper Introduction

Many students get nervous when it comes to writing academic papers. How to deal with daunted tasks? If you fail, it means you’ll get bad grades and get into a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, occasionally you are expected to develop a massive research project that requires all your knowledge, energy and strength. The majority of students is confused with sophisticated assignments and keeps asking what comes first. How to begin writing a paper?  We uncover you some secrets on how to make the beginning of your scientific project bright so that you may elaborate a decent research paper introduction. Following these recommendations, you will definitely go through the pain barriers you meet on this way.

Research Paper Introduction Paragraph: What Is It? >Initially, let us clarify what is an introduction. It is the first paragraph of your project where you present the reader a short description of the topic.  As we are talking about a research work, which implies collecting, analyzing data and providing investigation, at the beginning of your project you should outline the range of problems you are going to solve. Explain what you are aiming to do during the research process. Typically, an introduction pursues three common goals:

  1. It demonstrates your ability to summarize prior studies about the subject and reveal a foundation for understanding the studying problem;
  2. It shows insufficient consideration of the issue;
  3. It exposes how the study addresses gaps in the literature and uncovers the further empirical and theoretical contributions of providing research.

Engaging Introduction for a Research paper: What to Include?

To make a nice impression from the first line is a good way to start an acquaintance with the readers. Carry your audience into your world using the power of words! Induce reader’s interest and make him approach the writing piece with a positive spirit. As you see, the introductory paragraph of any research project is a strong tool that serves to catch the readers’ mind. Are there any mysterious secrets that may serve you well? Yes, learn following tricks for the future.

Set the “scene.” How to write a research paper introduction? The opening paragraphs specify your objective and describe the goal of the entire project. Tell the readers what and why you are aiming to do. Explain how interesting a chosen topic is!

Answer the question. Consider the introduction as some kind of the map that can give the readers answers on several crucial questions:

  • What is the subject of research?
  • Why is the issue important to investigate?
  • What was known about this matter before you did this research?
  • How will this writing paper affect the field of investigation?

Find Attention-Grabbers. Your task is to ignite the fire of reader’s interest. Hide some hooks that will play the role of the grabbers and capture reader’s attention.

Thorough Understanding. Demonstrate how good you are on the chosen topic. Establish context by mentioning pertinent published literature related to the topic. The key idea is to summarize for the audience what was known about the problems before you started your research. It is time to represent a comprehensive literature review. You may include a strong quotation to reaffirm your considerations.

Explain the Importance of Your Investigation. Focus on the question that you intend to study. State the value of the project in general senses. Outline why you think the objective is worth considering. Summarize the major results of the investigation and give the reader with the further implication of your major findings.

Top Tips for

Top Tips for Elegant Writing

g>Find a creative approach. Thinking outside the box surely helps you hook the reader’s mind. Figure out of something unusual; spend some more time to find an interesting idea and choosing proper words. You would rather forget about “hackneyed” ideas and dull patterns that overflow academic papers.
  • Use rhetorical questions. How to start an introduction to a research paper? Asking questions is an elegant way to lure readers and involve them in a vivid discussion. Thus, you can open a paragraph with a rhetorical question.
  • Pure logic. Ensure that your introduction for a research paper is cohesive and the key ideas are put in explicitly. Pay attention to the smoothness of transitions that combine separated ideas. Avoid jumping to and fro, as a vague thesis is a sign of fuzzy logic. Besides, if you are not capable squeezing your major findings in several simple sentences, it signifies that you do not possess a deep and comprehensive understanding of the studying issue.
  • Support your statements. Whenever you put your thesis, do not forget to reinforce those statements with strong arguments. Otherwise, you will weaken your suggestion and conclusion.
  • Spell checkers. If we are talking about good introductions for research papers, we have to admit that errors are not acceptable. They will spoil everything. An academic paper implies an appropriate level of proficiency in English. Fortunately, technologies bring us relieve as there are plenty of spell checkers available online that help to improve grammar to perfection.
  • Text fluidity. Find a proper example of an introduction on the Internet and read it aloud. Does it flow like music? Try to write nicely, picking words like notes, creating flawless sentences. It is the way of how to write research paper introduction.
  • Before starting to work, you should know how to write an introduction for a project. Pay attention which style your work must follow to. Such you might be expected to write APA research paper introduction. Read the requirements first, and then stick to the rules.
  • Write consistently. Do not procrastinate with your introduction until the last moment or you will “miss the train.” Start to obtain the objectives on time to avoid unpleasant and troublesome situations. Take a habit of writing every day.
  • Make it concise. As a rule, 1-2 pages are enough for introductory paragraph. Do not bother your readers with piles of useless generalities.
  • Final Thoughts

    Final Thoughts an introductory paragraph plays a prominent role in capturing readers’ attention. If you write it properly, you will induce the readers to study your project in a good spirit. Of course, thinking of how to write an introduction for a scientific research paper, many of students will be looking for a guide and helpful hand. Fortunately, you can find an expert in a writing field who can complete academic paper for you. In any case, we expect that the article brings you to a deeper understanding of the subject, and you will earn a great grade!