Avoiding College Essay Mistakes: Learn the Rules

Common Grammar Mistakes: College Essay

Making grammatical mistakes in college essays is not ok. Most of the students make mistakes that simply spoil the overall impression from the essay. What are the most common mistakes? What can you consider as a mistake? If you’re writing fragments and your teacher tells you that it’s wrong, will you correct yourself?

We advise you to think twice whether to follow the advice or not. We’ll tell you a secret, that’s not a mistake if used properly. It’s absolutely normal to ask several teachers for assistance when writing a college essay.

Let’s think of real mistakes. The most common case is writing “it’s” when “its” is a correct variant and vice versa. Over 80% of students make such a mistake. Do you think to start a sentence with “but” or “and” will be a mistake? What about your teacher?

It’s not a mistake actually and you shouldn’t pay attention to those who advise you to avoid using these words in your essays. But a great mistake will be starting your sentences with the words that you don’t use in your everyday life like “however”, “nevertheless”, “thus” and so on. And don’t write “to” instead of “too” and vice versa.

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Would you call a grammar police if you were obliged to read dozens of essays every day with tons of mistakes? You’re lucky if you’re reading this article because we’ll give you the information about the top college essay grammar mistakes and how to avoid them.

Use commas

Or don’t use it if you want to change the meaning of the sentence. Let’s take a look at the following examples where a single comma can change the whole meaning of the sentence, “I want to eat, mommy!” and “I want to eat mommy!”. If you don’t see the difference, you should start learning grammar right now. In the first variant, the kid is asking mommy to give some food.

In the second case, the kid wants to eat his or her mommy. What do you think is a true intention of that kid? One comma can easily change the meaning of what you wanted to say. So use your friends for proofreading the text and checking if they understand what you wanted to say in it.

Use articles

Can you imagine a good essay with no articles at all? Most of the students whose native language isn’t English make college essay mistakes with the articles. Let’s take a look at the examples here as well, “Sun is shining at house.” and “The sun is shining at the house”. Which one is correct? If you have any doubts, you know what you have to do. If you’ve been learning English for a long time, you can try reading the essay aloud and recording it. When you listen to the text, you can notice that something doesn’t sound ok. You will only have to look for the rule and check if you are right or not.

Use proper tenses

On of the most common mistakes with the tenses is mixing Past Simple and Present Perfect. Let’s take a look at two examples, “I’ve just come” and “I just came”. The difference is slight and many students ignore it.

If you can’t distinguish which variant is the right one, we advise you to improve your grammar. If you writing about your plans and make sure you understand the difference between planned and spontaneous future actions and the ones that you arrange with other people.

Use capital letters

One more problem that non-native English-speaking students face is not capitalizing words, “Thursday” and “thursday”. Which variant is correct and why? It’s a silly mistake. You should pay attention not only to the sense of the text in general but to the letters that create it.
Use capital letters for the names of the months, days, rivers, lakes, seas, streets and so on. You can get a full list from your teacher or find it online. Avoiding college essay mistakes is a skill that you should start mastering right now.

Don’t write too much

It often happens that a student is so happy about the topic, that too much inspiration comes. If you don’t get any guidelines together with the topic, we don’t advise you to write more than one page. It’s about 250-300 words of printed text. Use accurate font and spacing to make the essay readable.

One of college applications essay mistakes is making a mess out of the text. For example, some students don’t have conclusions while others don’t have any introduction. If you see that you have written about 500-600 words and you still have a lot to write about, you have chosen the wrong topic.

Use spell checkers

Do you ever use any software for finding the mistakes? What if we tell you that they don’t really work? Not, they can find the mistakes, but what about the case like “My sister’s Anna. She told me..” and “My sister’s Anna. He told me”. Or another example is “Give me your hook” and “Give me your book”.

Can you spell checker correct these errors? There are many words that will get a completely different meaning if one letter is spelt incorrectly. So don’t rely only on the software, use your brain and the last tip from the list.

Find a pro proofreader

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