Case Study of Barclays Premier Banking Marketing Essay

Case Study of Barclays Premier Banking Marketing Essay Example

Barclays Bank is one of the most powerful and popular banks working globally, and for a reason, or, rather, for some reasons. The main task of the institution is to serve their clients around the world efficiently. Well-trained staff is devoted to teaching the customers to manage their money in the best way to get profit.

Then, the success lies in the fields of engagement of the Group. The Group is one of the biggest financial services providers, it is engaged in such fields as retail, wealth management, commercial banking, investment, credit cards and all related sectors. It sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

The financial institution is represented on all continents in the biggest and the richest countries of the world. The institution deals with more than 48 million clients in many countries, providing them such services as money transfers, money depositing, investment and lending options, and many other things which an institution of such class can provide.

The company takes the 24th place among the biggest companies of such kind globally, and it is the 4th largest company working in the financial sector, and working successfully, as we can see. The income of the company reaches around 1 billion of Euro, which is the best proof of the correctness of the selected development direction. This is impressive, isn’t it?

The main idea is to sustain the consistent growth and development through the provision of different services in absolutely different businesses and sectors. Even insurance is included in the list of the opportunities that the company provides to its clients!

Even though the market is growing and changing very rapidly, the main task of the financial institution is to be engaged in all possible fields that their clients may need. Well, in other words, the biggest ambition of the company is to provide their customers with comprehensive, high quality and reliable services.

The 300-year long story of the Group and the proven record of its performance is the best evidence of the correctness of the selected direction. Focus on customers’ needs, flexibility, reliability, and quality combined with attention and care to customers – these are the main ideas which made Barclays Bank one of the leading financial institutions of the world.

Can we say, that the bank`s ambition to become a leader in the financial field is realized? Yes, completely, but moreover, the team understands, that it is not enough just to reach the first place. One needs to work hard to keep it. And this is what Barclay`s team is doing.


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