Challenges of Hotel Outsourcing Services

Challenges of Hotel

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Challenges of Outsourcing Housekeeping

Actually, a large number of employees are involved in the everyday operation of the hotel. For the maintenance of the staff, the hotel management has to pay decent and competitive wages. Like any other large organization, a hotel offers additional, but no less important for its functioning services. How to expand the staff, while saving expenses and quality of the provided services, and also to successfully work and develop? The solution in this situation can be the use of outsourcing services, which are firmly entrenched in many areas of business.

The word “outsourcing” is understood as the use of external resources. The main goal of outsourcing is to provide personnel to organizations that need specialized professionals. An example for a hotel, it can be accounting and legal services, professional cleaning, repairing, security, and other services that are necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the hotel. In addition, with such cooperation, it is necessary to take into account the fact that all the personnel who provide services to the hotel are officially employed in an outsourcing company. In fact, outsourcing enables the hotel to save money on various short-term projects, as well as on recruiting professionals, when the hotel does not have the ability to spend time and money. Nevertheless, the question of the appropriateness of using the staff to “rent” by the hotel remains ambiguous, as this phenomenon has its positive and negative sides.

Advantages of Outsourcing

When a hotel signs a contract for outsourcing, the hotel obtains qualified specialists with their technical base. The hotel gets the opportunity not to increase its own staff and save time, efforts, and material for recruiting specialists. The hotel exempts itself from the labor relations with the provided personnel, which reduces the costs of mandatory expenses for each such employee. There is a good opportunity to use the services when they are needed due to seasons. When these material resources are saved, the hotel can pay for other purposes.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

The main challenge is a psychological factor: not every outsourcing company can guarantee the leak of information, especially with accounting and legal services. Also, the hotel has a small number of controls over such personnel, which can affect the quality of services, provided by these employees. Then, the level of professionalism of the employees from the outsourcing company may not be sufficient to for the hotel. So, it would be necessary to carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed type of services.

In any case, the activity of each company is aimed at obtaining the maximum result, which is expressed in making a profit with minimal expenses. Therefore, with the right approach and the distribution of all functions that the hotel uses, outsourcing can provide benefits to all involved parties. Several important points should be considered when signing an outsourcing agreement. When choosing an outsourcing company, it is necessary to pay attention to its reputation, reviews the feedbacks on the Internet, duration of its work, and, of course, compare the prices for the requested services. The outsourcing company must have an appropriate license to provide its services. When falling into the agreement, it is advisable to use the services of a qualified lawyer, who will scrutinize the contract terms and pay attention to the smallest details.

In the end result, if the hotel has signed a contract for the services, it is always necessary to be prepared for possible claims from the supervisory authorities, but they can be avoided in the case, when the documents are issued in accordance with the current legislation and confirm the provision of services and not the provision of the personnel. To summarize, we can say that in each specific case to choose outsourcing services, the owner of a hotel determines the functions to transfer to the outsourcing company for getting quality services for the hotel guests.