Cheating on Education: Diploma Mills’ Problem of US students

Diploma Mills' Problem of US students

Cheating on Education: Diploma Mills’ Problem of US students

Looking for a good college to get a qualification, don’t be hooked by a false educational institution taking your money and providing you with an invalid document. In other words, avoid diploma mills and a Mickey Mouse degree. Such organizations have no rights to offer any educational services for people because they have no approval by US authorities or a professional, legal agency. Their diplomas have no value for any specialization and are out of common standards. Ever more students are trapped by these fraudulent establishments all over the world, and the situation isn’t better in the United States at the moment.

These false colleges are frequently called degree mills. The standard scheme applied by swindlers is to ask to pay some fees at the beginning or at the end of a course without accomplishing any tasks or passing anexamination to achieve some grades. A small number of lessons or the full absence of them is an ordinary trait of such universities. If some students are worried about their marks and do their best to compose an A+ essay, learners of fake institutions are absolutely free from theexecution of such types of tasks. They don’t need to sit all night long writing a scientific report, and especially, order one at some writing services. All they have to do is to relax or just copy the existing scientific work from the Internet. It doesn’t matter whether you do some assignments in these colleges or not; results may be barely compared with papers written by students of real, prestigious, or accredited universities or colleges, for instance.

As the season for such fake organizations is in its bloom, we have prepared the list of the latest detected diploma mills of the USA for you.

Two common types of fake educational institutions

The business of stamping fake educational certificates has thousands of colleges and schools not only in the USA but also all over the world. However, people distinguish only a couple of such mills. They are as follows:

  1. Some students deliberately choose this method of getting a degree and even are bonnets of these institutions. A person buys a certificate of highereducation for cash and has an opportunity to choose what university he or she can supposedly attend. Such people know the illegitimate essence of their obtained degrees; they do these actions only to get a promotion or job. However, an employer can easily find out what diplomas are false by calling an accreditation center.
  2. A more dangerous kind of quasi-colleges is an educational institution pretending to be a real university or school. Students entering such dummy corporations consider their study profitable and real enough. Unfortunately, they waste their time on a certificate that is not valid. These people are attracted more often with a short-term study period or a unique educational system suggested by a mill.

It is of importance to mention that some of such schools are valid in some US states despite the fact of being disapproved by legal authorities. Besides, the USA is a leader in fake educational establishments’ business and online quasi-courses. The biggest accumulation of false colleges and universities operating today in the United States of America is located in California, the smallest quantity of them is in Arizona. Why does California take the first place out of all regions? That is because most of diploma mills can get an approval to act under the Law of California without any difficulties, though it is not the same as accreditation. Such a confusing situation in the state is very attractive for fraudulent institutions.

While the number of bogus collegesgrows day by day, the government takes some effective measures to protect their citizens from fraud. There are many online resources and services helping you to find out whether a school or college where you want to study is reliable and accredited or not. This is your chance to spot a fake institution before you become a dupe. What other traits does a diploma mill have? How can you single out a fake school from numerous ordinary, trustful colleges? Find the tips and hacks below!


If you still don’t see the peril of being cheated by these illegal companies, it is better to change your point of view immediately! Unfortunately, the problem is real and causes many troubles for people of different states of the country every year. Taking into consideration the present situation concerning low affordability of good education, many alumni give their money tothese establishments willingly.

For instance, imagine a situation where a teenage boy called John stumbles over an advertisement in the Internet about online courses protected or sponsored by a trustful university. He is pleased by the price of studies at this online training center or college. Besides, it is easier to learn there than at any other school in the country. Having considered all pros and cons, he decides to sign up for a course. It doesn’t matter whether he failed during his classes in the previous college or just wanted to try something completely new, the result is one and the same. He has little classes to attend and not very difficult tasks to accomplish. Thus, he spends time and money on obtaining a degree that won’t bring him any benefit in the future. Moreover, a person won’t learn any useful information at all.

If John only knew what indicators expose a bogus institution! He wouldn’t get into the trap of swindlers seeing the list of factors helping to detect a shady college or university. They are as follows:

  • Nobody cares about your previous degrees and grades. In other words, there are no admission criteria at all.
  • They ask you to pay a big sum of money for your degree. It varies from $500 to $3,000 and depends on a rank of some degree.
  • It is very challenging to find a list of faculty at the official site of a school. More often than not, if you find some names at last, they will be ones of professors who have graduated this shady educational establishment some years ago.
  • If a fake college states it is accredited, it is hard to know whether it is a fake license or not. Make sure your university is accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education. The trick is that most of quasi-schools have licenses, but they receive them from some similar bogus agencies. These accreditation mills have some prestigious names and claim to be international. Thus, they highlight their superiority to any US agency.
  • Another suspicious aspect attracting students like flies is an opportunity to obtain a great qualification within a short period of time without deliberate testing of your abilities. This fake business needs to spread diplomas and certificates as quickly as they can before they get closed by legal authorities. The more studentsthey cheat, the more money they get.
  • If you decide to enroll for some foreign online courses and find no official license, be careful, as it is probably a quasi-school. When your advisor tells you that a college can’t get accreditation in the United States because it is simply an international one, so it needs a certificate of a higher level, don’t believe a liar.
  • The favorite trick of every degree mill is to use some phrases and words to make you believe that this institution is reliable. In fact, it is only a hook. If you hear or see such words as “approved by international agencies”, “has an accreditation of UNESCO”, or “licensed”, it is a lie.
  • Moreover, fake universities often offer a specialization based only on your work experience if you are an adult learner.

To make sure that a university is reliable, don’t be lazy and search for some feedback by people at some pages and chats in the Internet. If your qualification is an exclusive offer of a foreign school, it can be either suspicious. In most cases, alumni wanting to emigrate to the United States of America are to pass some examinations. Then, they find such scams ready to help quickly and at affordable prices. These students are targets for fake institutions.

We hope it was beneficial for you to read the previous lines to avoid any cooperation with a degree mill. Ever more scams appear every day, and they have persuasive and impressive websites attracting students by words “get your degree within several months”, “online degrees fast”. Take your time and find information supporting every claim; learn what accreditation a college has. Ask the Diploma Mill Police if you still have some suspicions concerning a college – and only after that, make a final decision about where to study and what education to give your hard-earned family money to.

As the famous proverb states, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and the same is true for the education process. You can’t get a degree for a short period of time without deliberate learning of subjects. In another way, acertificate is a waste of time and money and has no value at all. Be careful choosing a college!