Definition Argument Essay, Structure and Outline

Definition Argument Essay

Among all the types of academic writing argument essays are said to be some of the trickiest. Unlike descriptive or expository essays that require narrative and creative skills this type of writing presupposes research, adamant facts and a power to convince the readers. Among all essays, this type of writing is teachers’ favorite when it comes to tests and exams. If your semester assignment is to write an argumentative essay and you do not know how to write it, let us consider what an argument essay is and how to structure it in a right way.

Argument Essay Structure

An argument essay format does not differ from the rest of essays. It consists of the introduction, the main body, and conclusion. However, based on the objective of this type of writing the content of the paragraphs must be different from the content where you simply tell a story or describe events. While doing this type of writing, you are supposed to express you stance on a chosen matter. Moreover, as a writer you have to persuade readers of your opinion which must be supported with strong factual evidence.

A) At the core of an introduction, there must be a clear thesis statement. In a thesis statement, you should express the objective of your writing as well as to show your attitude towards the problem touched. You can start your writing by mentioning various contradicting views on the matter and oppose to them by giving your own point of view. This will draw attention of the reader as nothing stirs interest more than a controversy.

B) In the main body, support your thesis statement by providing evidence. This could be statistics, reliable facts, and people testimonials. Do not forget to make a reference to the source of information used in your paper. Stay reasoned and specific. There is no place for emotions unlike in verbal arguments that we deal with every day. Of course, to convince the reader you should appeal to his/her mind and emotions but not by means of using a heated language. It is rationality and logic that matter. For that reason, start the first paragraph of the main body with the least convincing argument. Step by step dwell on the issue by adding stronger facts. In the last paragraph, your essay should reach its climax. That’s where you want to use the most powerful arguments.
Anticipate possible counterarguments and refute them in this part of the essay.

C) The main purpose of a powerful conclusion is to summarize your key points, restate a thesis statement. We hope that you’ll come up with a powerful and winning conclusion.

Definition Argument Essay Outline

How to define an argument essay? It is a special genre of writing. Its main purpose is to convince an audience. Figuratively speaking, an argument essay can be compared to debates. Just like debates, it requires researching a topic, collecting and analyzing facts, and establishing a writer’s attitude to a problem. Every logical argument you provide should be supported with reliable facts. That is why argument essays cannot be written without a thorough research.

Before you start writing your argument essay you need to come up with a topic that is both interesting to you and controversial. If nothing exciting comes to your mind, browse argument essay topics online and you are sure to find hundreds of creative ideas for argumentative essay. You can find topics in History, Science, Psychology, and Arts depending on your assignment guidelines.

Once you have chosen an exciting topic or the one that you have a strong opinion about, create an argument essay outline. This will help you structure your thoughts and ideas logically and not miss on the important things when writing an argument essay.

When your outline is ready, you can start working on a draft paper adhering to the structure described above and following our advice how different parts of your essay should be written. When a draft paper is finished, put it aside for some time and come back to it the next day to see whether you have not missed anything important and evaluate whether your essay is convincing enough. Finalize your paper, check it for errors, go with a fine comb for spelling and punctuation mistakes. Give your essay to someone to read and define whether it is powerful enough.

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To sum it up, writing an argument essay is challenging. It requires a lot of prior work such as conducting a research and brainstorming. So, be prepared for plenty of reading and doing a case study. Analytical thinking, eloquence, and assertion are the qualities you must possess in order to write a convincing paper. Do not forget about writing skills, too. If any of the above-mentioned things is a chink in your armor, feel free to hire a professional writer who will do your assignment for you.