Diets Based on Analysis

Essay about Diets Based on Analysis

To date, nutritionists have developed the list of about 15 thousand different diets! But none of them can not be called universal, that is equally effective for all. scientists assure that it is hardly possible to pick up a diet that would help each individual to get rid of extra pounds.

However, some American doctors believe that this problem will be solved in 5 years. Molly Bray of the University of Texas said that nutritionists will be able to learn how to use genetic data to develop recommendations for each person in the near future. And to find these data, medics can find in the human saliva. Yes, according to the analysis of saliva, scientists will be able to make the most effective diet for every person.

Anyone who wants to lose weight, one day will be able to give out a sample of

saliva for analysis, and scientists will use its sophisticated algorithms to determine the best way how to lose weight. Someone should better give up carbohydrates, reduce the consumption of fats and fried foods and someone should just change the lifestyle to a more active one, this is an opinion of Molly Bray. This approach will help to avoid not only unwanted gain in weight, but also diseases associated with it – diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and, of course, depression.

What Shows the Analysis of Saliva?

Today with the help of this analysis you can determine if you have a dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity and caries. However, this test has very encouraging prospects. Scientists call it “analysis of the future.” Saliva is in no way inferior to the research potential of blood and urine, and it is much easier to take it for analysis. In addition, when you give saliva, there is no risk of contracting AIDS or other infections. It is likely that in about thirty years there will be no need to pierce your hand with a syringe, it will be enough just to spit in a test tube and find out your Rh factor, to find out whether you are pregnant, what are your hereditary diseases and whether you have a risk of malignant tumors.
But for the next five years the scientists have more modest tasks. While they are struggling over the dilemma: how to identify the acids contained in the saliva, bacteria, as well as genetic material, to assess the body state as a whole, and not just the oral cavity. Based on this information, physicians will be able to understand how the metabolism takes place in the body of each individual, and what kind of diet will not only not hurt him, but will benefit.

Gemocode Diet

Another diet on the basis of analyzes is the the gemocode diet. The analysis of blood can help making a personal menu, but some doctors consider this with skepticism. Hemocode is not just a mysterious word. In translation from the Greek “hemo” is blood, “code” – cipher or digit. This is a whole program consisting of several stages. To begin with, of course, you need to find a clinic or medical center, where they will teach you to lose weight by hemocode. The first stage involves consultation with a group of doctors (gastroenterologist, therapist, neuropathologist, etc.). Doctors find out, what chronic diseases you have or inclined to have. Stage number two is the blood test for food intolerance, that is, experts monitor how the blood reacts to extracts of certain products from your daily menu.

At first glance, it seems that this procedure is a very troublesome business, and therefore it is not cheap. At the third stage you will get lists of products: edible “green” and inedible “red.” There is also a “yellow” list. In it, you can find foods that are not desirable to eat. True, it is quite difficult to make life fit for slimming. Thus, the food that is supposedly genetically inappropriate for this purpose must be completely excluded. Next six months must strictly adhere to the new food system.

All would be well, but that’s bad luck: there is no scientific evidence that would approve the hemocode diet as the way to lose weight. Testing simply did not conduct and some doctors rely solely on their experience. No matter how they call this hemostest, in fact, this is a study of the cytotoxic response of a cell to a food agent. Simply saying, it is checked how toxic products affect the cell. According to the dietitian, the whole hint is that a second analysis can be conducted, say, two weeks after the initial one, and it turns out that some products from the “red” list have moved to “green” – after all the blood composition and biochemical processes in the body constantly changed. The cause of such changes may be illness or banal stress. Another question – is the high price of the analysis justified? Maybe. It is a complex methodology and this algorithm is expensive. But there are doubts about its necessity, many people really lost weight on this diet, they ate only useful food, practiced sports, but does it necessary to pass a test for gemocode for getting rid of 10 pounds? Do you need this? Is it a simple the placebo effect? For example, a person is recommended to eat a product that he disgusts or after some time the intolerance occurs. What to do? No answer.

Whether the selection of the diet based on the analysis is effective or not, anyway it is important to observe the main rule – getting rid of extra pounds should pass smoothly and gradually without reducing the quality of the person’s ordinary life. Losing weight on the analysis of blood has its pluses and minuses, so the decision to comply with it is taken solely by the person and the healing doctor.