Essay Sample about Criticism of Abortion

essay sample: abortion

First of all, I have to admit that this essay sample about abortion will be really sincere because this topic is extremely interesting, disputed and controversial. So, as you have already understood, there are dozens of different non-governmental organizations, which want to promote their point of view about abortion. These people are sure that our government has to do everything possible to reduce or even prohibit abortion.

I think that this problem is extremely important and I cannot keep silent in such a difficult situation. That’s why I decided to prepare an article, in which we are going to consider some pros and cons of abortion and make some logical conclusions about the prohibition of free access of abortion for ordinary people. So, if you want to figure out more about this problem, you should continue reading.

So, at the beginning of my short essay, I have to admit that I do not agree with the position of these non-governmental organizations. Moreover, I am sure that they do not understand the whole situation and do not understand the consequences, which can be caused by their “innovation”. That’s why I am going to consider this problem more precisely.

When we talk about prohibition of abortion, we should understand that it doesn’t help to reduce the number of these operations. People should accept the fact that teens and even adult people are not going to stop having sex with each other. Most of them use condoms but some people do not want to use them. As a result, it is probably quite obvious that they can get in the risk zone to become pregnant. After that, they really need to refer to a specialist who can help them in this difficult situation.

Remember! If you prohibit abortion, the number of abortion will not be reduced. And do not think that it is only my conjecture. It is a fact, which has already been proven. Do you really think that you are the first who decided that it is a good idea to restrict the right of people to conduct abortion? Of course not! You can check the experience of other countries to figure out about their “achievements” in this situation. For example, this practice was implemented in the twentieth century in the USSR. The government of this country thought that this measure could help them to improve demographic situation in the state. However, the result was really horrible. It did not help to reduce the number of abortion but it helped to increase the number of dead women, who tried to conduct this difficult and extremely dangerous operation at home. In most cases, it was a real happiness that women stayed alive after this execution. However, unfortunately, most of them became infertile or got chronic illnesses. Do you really think that this way is appropriate for our society? Do you want to see hundreds of young people, who made a horrible mistake, who try to give a bribe to a doctor, who has enough skills, experience, and knowledge to conduct this operation without any special permission? Do you want to see people who leave our country because they have to conduct abortion but they do not have an opportunity to do that in the homeland? Follow your previous approach to this problem and you will get this result.

In addition, we should not forget about victims of rapists, who do not want to leave these babies. Do you want to prohibit abortion for these young ladies too? I think that we should not do that. We should promote sexual upbringing to reduce abortion but do not prohibit them.