Essay Sample about Daily Routine of Ordinary Buddhist Monks

essay sample about Buddhist monks

To be honest, I am really interested in different religions of our world. I try to read a lot of books to understand the most important principles of these doctrines. Moreover, I also communicate with many people from different corners of our enormous world to figure out something interesting. In addition, I should also probably mention that I respect all people who believe in something. As for me, I am an ordinary agnostic, who understands that there is something supernatural in our world but I do not know what. That’s why I continue my research to find the right place in my world. I hope that I will find this place and I will gain success in the nearest future.

I want to share this point of view with other people, that’s why I prepared a short article, in which we will consider a very interesting topic. Everyone knows that there are such people as Buddhist monks but no one does not even understand how they live. As a result, we are going to consider some basic principles of their ordinary day-to-day routine. Therefore, if you really want to figure out more, you should continue reading without any hesitation. So, if you do not mind, we are going to start.

First of all, we should probably admit that these people are sure that our everyday behavior during the whole life is the basis of our personality. Our actions create our habits, beliefs, the vision of the world and understanding of things. They create us. To ensure a happy and harmonious daily life for a particular person, we should always live in the sphere of positive energy. Buddhist monks try to adhere to several simple rules.

They avoid horrible and illegal actions such as theft, causing suffering to others, sexual perversion. You should not lie, do not talk stupid things. Do not swear and do not cursive. Moreover, these people have to exclude obscene words from the lexicon.

They have to be benevolent, beware of greed, adhere to worthy man’s views. Any aspects of the negative have to be considered as something really strange.

These people try to follow a strict diet. Avoid starving and overeating. Their products have to be high-quality. Do not mix carbohydrates and proteins. Also, they do not consume alcohol.

Always try to dress appropriate clothes, avoid overheating and hypothermia. Observe normal sleep and wakefulness. In general, it is recommended to get up as early as possible, because a person is influenced by light energy at the beginning of the day, which can change his mood, thoughts, etc. If you want to sleep during the day, you must sleep less than at night.

Do not sleep after dinner because it can cause some problems with your physical condition, which is expressed in severity, coughing, laziness, frequent colds, and also affects the intellectual state: the process of thinking slows down.

They do not forget about such an important thing as a sport. It is not necessary to become a professional athlete, you can just carry out some simple exercises every day. It makes you better stronger and faster. In addition, they want to get more useful skills and knowledge every day. You can use everything you want for this purpose: communication, books, documentaries, etc. The fact is that the information has to be useful. It is also really important that they try to use this knowledge in practice. If it is possible, they need to keep a diary.

Finally, if you really want to follow their principles, you should listen to music as much as possible because it has a beneficial effect on the emotional health. It also develops the inner world, delivers aesthetic pleasure.