Essay Sample about Donating Organs for Money

donating organs for money essay

I am really happy that I live in the twenty-first century. Seriously, most people declare that they are unhappy but I think that this period in the life of our society is one of the best because you have almost unlimited opportunities for self-development. You have instant access to any info on the Internet, you have also unlimited opportunities to communicate with other people and get other benefits of our modern world. In addition, we have already chosen a way of democratic society, which gives you a possibility to realize yourself and use all your potential.

However, one of the best benefits of our development is quite obvious. I am talking about our achievements in medicine. We have already cured most of the illnesses and there are only two incurable illnesses – cancer and AIDS. But when we talk about other problems, you can be sure that even ordinary doctor can help you to solve it. It is really comfortable! Moreover, I have to say that we also managed to gain a significant success in donating organs. Nowadays, if you have a real problem with some of your organs, you have a big chance to buy an extra element of your body to save your life.

I decided that this issue is really interesting and I want to consider some moral aspects of donating organs. We are going to consider whether donating organs for money is charity and other aspects of this phenomenon, that’s why if you are really interested in this topic because you want to figure out more, you should read this article as soon as possible without any hesitation.

First of all, we should understand that there are two different ways of donating. In most cases, we use organs of people, who have already died. It is possible because in some cases, we can maintain the ability of organs of a dead person to stay in working condition. On the other hand, we can use organs of alive people, who want to help somebody or want to earn money. I do not think that the first type is really controversial because it is quite normal for me. These organs are not important for dead people but they can help other people to prolong their lives. Of course, the only moral aspect is connected with the permission of relatives to do that. However, if they are ready to do that, I think that everything is OK and there is no need to consider this example.

Nevertheless, I think that we should consider a little bit more precisely the second alternative of donating organs when people sell them because they want to earn money. As for me, this situation is really strange because, in fact, these donors save lives of other people, who really need their help. However, they do that not just because they love these patients or something like that but because they want to get an additional income. I am pretty sure that we cannot consider this action as a charity because people usually understand charity as the voluntary giving of help to those in need, as a humanitarian act, while this situation differs. On the other hand, I do not have any rights to condemn these people. It doesn’t matter whether they do that because of money or because of their desire to help others, the result is the same – they save lives of people.

Therefore, donating organs for money is not a traditional charity but these people know better what they should do with their bodies that’s why we should respect their decision.