Essay Sample about how does night vision work?

essay sample about night vision

To be honest, I really like to read articles about different innovation in our world and gadgets. Of course, I think that I am not the only one and there are many other people, who keen on this topic. They are ready to watch many videos on YouTube to discover something new or read books, but in most cases, their knowledge is superficial. I think that it is impossible to get to the essence of the problem if you watch only unboxing of new iPhones and other gadgets. Most people usually do not want to spend their precious time on this “useless” activity.

However, I do not think that this activity is useless. I am sure that it is connected with my profession. I am a future engineer, that’s why these topics are really interesting and important for me. I read about the mechanism of work of different gadgets, new technologies and so on. The assortment is almost unlimited and, to be honest, I think that it is really cool that you can read about everything in this world.

Therefore, I try to promote this point of view and share it with other people, who agree with my opinion and keen on these topics too. That’s why I decided to write a short article, in which we are going to consider a very strange but also an interesting topic. So, if you really want to discover how does night vision work, you should read this article. So, if you do not mind, we are going to start right now without any hesitation.

As you probably know, the night vision is a very complicated device but here’s how this gadget works. The typical night vision includes the following parts:

Optical system.
Subsystem, which creates the image.

Simple glasses for the night

The rays enter through a special element. It is something like a plate, which was fixed in the focus of the lens. The unit is placed in a vacuum so that the air molecules do not interfere with the motion of the electrons. Of course, the flow continues to deviate by the gravitational field of the Earth.

So, the light knocks out from the circular plate electrons, which were captured because of the availability of the positive potential of the microchannel amplifier.

As for the device, we should talk about it separately. In most cases, it is a plate, formed by multiple small “honeycombs”, which are indistinguishable at the first glance. Overtaking the mesh, an elementary particle knocks out a myriad of electrons. The process becomes faster in the future. These elements move further on the phosphor screen.

The output optical system forms a picture for the eye. In the binoculars, the flow is bifurcated into both eyes. In many respects, it is more convenient because of the peculiarities of the work of the human brain. The military often uses monoculars. They are combined with thermal imaging, night sights, which are more convenient for reconnaissance.

Pay attention, inside the amplifying tube there is a vacuum, which does not deflect the rectilinear motion of the electrons. Otherwise, the picture will be blurred or it can be faulty at all. Only a complete absence of air will allow the device to work.