Essay Sample about Popularity of Gluten-Free Diets in the US

essay about gluten-free diets

Most people nowadays try to look great and follow the most important or at least basic principles of healthy life style. It is probably not a secret that they do sport at least one time a week to stay fit. And it doesn’t matter whether they conduct their training at home or in the gym.

Moreover, we should probably mention that these people also usually try to avoid very polluted locations, which can be harmful not only for children but also for adults. In addition, they also stick to the healthy diet. For example, these people do not want to it fast food or any other type of junk food. They usually are ready to spend one or two hours to cook something really tasty and healthy simultaneously. To be honest, there are also different special diets, which can help you to gain better results in sport within tight time frameworks. For example, if you check social media from time to time, you have already probably figured out about such a strange phenomenon as a gluten-free diet.

I want to consider this topic a little bit closer, discover something interesting about this type of diet, consider all pros and cons of this program and make some logical conclusions about this innovation in our lives. So, if you really want to consider this issue too, you should read this article right now because we are going to start.

First of all, I think that there are many people, who do not know what gluten is. So, gluten is a concept which means some elements, which you can get by consuming cereal plants such as barley, oats, rye, and wheat. Most people didn’t even know that gluten is real but now, this element is extremely popular and you can find dozens of different articles on websites about diets which are based on this component. In addition, there are also many stories both of celebrities and of ordinary people, who declare that it is significantly easier to lose additional weight if you try to avoid gluten. Well, I am not sure that they are right because I think that if you really want to lose weight, you should spend a lot of time in the gym but not eat less food. Of course, it is important too, but I consider diets only as an additional factor, which can help you to gain success.

As for harmfulness of this element, we have to admit that most doctors do not see a big danger in consuming products with gluten. In most cases, only people who have allergies try to avoid gluten but other people can eat this without any big problems. But now, we can track the tendency that people try to follow this gluten-free diet because they want to lose weight quicker. It is believed that gluten-free diet can help you to look healthy and even lose some extra pounds but the real situation differs. Nutritionists from all over the world declare that most products, which includes gluten include significantly more calories than other types of food that’s why I think that this statement that gluten-free products are very recommended for people with adiposity, is wrong, unjustified and unscientific.

Most adherents of this diet have no valid reasons to refuse gluten, and some even try to cure headaches, digestive disorders, and other problems in such a strange way.

Of course, you can lose weight during a gluten-free diet, but you need to exclude not only gluten but also fat, oil, fried foods, bacon, alcohol, sugar and “simple” carbohydrates. However, all these recommendations are suitable for any diet.