Essay Sample about Stealth Technology of Shield Aircraft

stealth technology of shield aircraft essay

It is not a secret that people are really talented and intelligent creatures. We have enough knowledge and skills to explore this world without any problems. Moreover, we have already created a lot of different innovations and gadgets, which can make our lives a little bit better and comfortable. If you really do not understand this fact, then I do not understand your point of view.

So, despite the fact that there are many talented engineers who work hard every day to change this world, most of our population are ordinary people, who do not care about this complicated task at all. They just use these technologies and that’s all. They do not want to conduct a long research which can help them to understand the essence of these gadgets because it is too boring in their honest opinion. On the other hand, I have to admit that many people want to figure out something new. To be honest, I am one of those people. I spend dozens of hours of my precious free time every week to discover something new, unusual and interesting.

I really want to understand everything about a particular phenomenon and invention in our world. In addition, I try to promote this point of view among other people, who do not worry about this problem. In most cases, I prefer to do that with the aid of different articles, which I write from time to time. As you probably understand, this article is not an exception. So, if you really keen on the newest info from the world of complicated technologies, you should read this article because we are going to start. Read this article and figure out more about stealth technology, which can hide our shield aircraft from radar. So, let’s start right now without any hesitations if you do not mind.

Therefore, if you do not know, this technology is really new and impressive. It gives you an opportunity to hide an enormous plane or aircraft from radar. As you understand, this technology is not only cool and interesting, but also extremely expensive. We spent millions of dollars to gain success and get an opportunity to protect our borders and interests in other countries.

Stealth (also known as stealth technology) is a particular number of ways to reduce the visibility of aircrafts on the radar, infrared and other areas of the detection spectrum with the aid of specially designed geometric shapes. Moreover, we use radio absorbing materials and coatings, which significantly reduces the detection radius and thereby improves the survival of the vehicle. Technologies, which can reduce visibility, are an independent section of the military-scientific discipline of electronic countermeasures, covering a range of equipment and technologies for manufacturing military equipment (aircraft, helicopters, ships, missiles, etc.).

It should be noted that a significant absorption of radio waves can be achieved only in the centimeter range, and much worse in the decimeter. It is connected with the physics of propagation of radio waves, making the object invisible in the meter range, when the wavelength is comparable to the size of the object, the change in its shape is impossible in general. Also at the current level of technology, it is impossible to achieve full absorption of any radio emission incident on an object. In fact, this technology does not solve the most important problem at all.

However, we should admit that it is an exclusive technology and it is a really big achievement that we managed to create something like that. We should continue our attempts to do something better and I am sure that we will gain success in the near future.