Essay Sample about the Human Brain and our Memories

human brain and memories essay

To be honest, I really think that our body and our existence is a very impressive and unbelievable thing. It is so strange that we live in such an enormous world. Moreover, I am sure that someone extremely powerful and intelligent created our body because he had to take into account so many different aspects that I am not able to imagine the number of these problems.

That’s why probably I decided to become a doctor and I think that I will manage to enter the university next year right after college. It is probably connected with the fact that I am an altruist and I want to help other people. As a result, I spend an enormous number of hours to figure out something new about our body, some functions of the human brain, different illnesses and so on. In fact, I have to admit that the number of these topics is almost unlimited. The work of the intestine, liver, stomach, kidneys, the human brain, the structure of the skeleton, the respiratory system, as well as the nervous system. All this info is really interesting and exciting for me. Moreover, I want to share this knowledge with other people, that’s why I write different articles from time to time about our body. As you probably understand, this essay is not an exception. I decided to prepare an article, in which we will consider some interesting facts about our brain. We are going to figure out something new about its functions. Do you want to discover how the human brain store and retrieve memories? You should continue reading without any hesitation because we are going to do that right now.

First of all, when we talk about the human brain and our memories, we should understand that in most cases, we are able to remember different stories rather than numbers or events. For example, according to the latest study, there are many people, who are able to remember the whole randomly mixed deck of playing cards in a minute. It is really impressive but how do they do that? In fact, they create different stories about these cards and remember the order of these stories but not cards because the human brain was created for this purpose.

Our brain is really powerful when the new info is visualized. Moreover, a text in your textbook is probably one of the most useless and unpractical part of this book because in most cases, we remember info, which was presented in the form of pictures. Usually, it is significantly easier and faster to process information in a visual form. But does it help to learn better? Richard Mayer, a psychologist from the University of California, confirms this. His research shows that the text in pairs with a suitable image greatly raises the amount of information that newcomers can remember. It is really strange and interesting simultaneously but it is true. So, if you really need to remember something as soon as possible, you should use different pictures to do it faster.

Therefore, we have already considered some interesting facts about the human brain and its functions. To be honest, we should probably admit that our body is really strange and complicated mechanism, which is unstudied. Our scientists should do everything possible to solve this problem and get all possible info about our body.