Essay Sample about the necessity of bike sharing programs

bike sharing programs essay sample

We live in the twenty-first century, the period of time, in which everyone tries to take care of his health. And it is probably not a secret that people want to look great and fabulous. They spend many hours of their precious free time in the gym doing exercises to improve their body and to become healthier. Moreover, most of them try to reduce junk food, which can be harmful for their digestion. For example, they do not want to eat fast food, fried or greasy products and so on. The number of these restrictions is almost unlimited.

In addition, we should not forget that some people even decide that they cannot live in big cities, that’s why they sell their precious flats and buy private houses somewhere in the village far away from city bustle.

This style of life is common for most Europeans that’s why local state bodies decided that they should do everything possible to make their cities clearer and make lives of residents or tourists of this city a little bit easier. They figured out that they should reduce the number of cars in cities to improve an ecological situation. As a result, they created a special system also known as bike sharing. I think that this phenomenon is really interesting, that’s why I prepared this article, in which we will consider some interesting facts about this system and figure out the most important benefits of bike-sharing. So, if you really want to discover something new, unusual and interesting, you should read this article right now.

First of all, when we talk about bike-sharing, we should understand that it is a brilliant idea how to reduce the traffic. Just imagine the number of cars on your streets if we hadn’t had this system. However, thanks to this startup, we can forget about gasified streets and horrible noise of car signals.

Second, do not forget about such an important factor as comfortability. There is no need to spend hours to get to a subway, spend time in the “tube” and to get to your final point. It is really very long and boring. Now, you can hire a bike and get to your point in a few minutes that’s why local people are really glad to use this system.

Third, we should also keep in mind the fact that it is extremely useful for tourists, who want to see the whole city. They can use these bikes and it can be even a significant feature of your city. As a result, such an ordinary thing as bikes can be something like an additional factor, which can attract more tourists and money to the local budget respectively too.

Finally, this public transport is really cheap and local authorities can get their investments back even with the aid of money, which can earn by selling advertisement on these bikes. They can find necessary investors and advertisers, who will be ready to buy these services and promote their goods with the aid of ordinary bikes. It is really profitable, easy and comfortable. Moreover, all of the bikes have an exclusive and unique design that’s why nobody can steal them.

To sum-up, I have to admit that I am a big fan of this system and I am really looking for it my own city. I think that this startup is not only extremely profitable but also useful and creative, that’s why we should share this idea with other people to save our nature and make our lives a little bit more colorful or easier.