Essay Sample about the Origins of the Conflict in Darfur

origins of the conflict in Darfur essay

To be honest, I am really happy that I live in this particular period of time. It is connected with the fact that we have almost unlimited number of opportunities for self-realization. Moreover, we live in the century of big technologies, which have already destroyed any borders among different people. If you want to communicate with somebody from another continent, you can visit Facebook or Twitter and start your conversation. It is extremely comfortable. In addition, you have also an enormous number of sources of info. If you really have a big desire to study, you can do that even without any books and teachers.

As a result, it is probably quite obvious that I love our society. However, if we take into account all positive factors, we should also pay attention to negative aspects. For example, one of the biggest problems of this globalization is connected with our well-developed weapon. Of course, we made a very big step in our development, but we also improved our weapon, which can kill thousands of people in a moment. It is really horrible that we should live in this situation but it is our reality. I think that we should avoid using a nuclear weapon because this weapon can be the reason for the end of our world.

I try to promote this point of view among other people, that’s why I decided to write a short article, in which I am going to consider the conflict in Darfur. I chose this topic because we will figure out the origins of this situation. After that, we should analyze all these circumstances and make some logical conclusions, which can help us to avoid the same situation in the future. So, let’s start.

The conflict in Darfur was an ethnic conflict in Sudan. This accident caused an armed confrontation between the central government, the informal pro-government Arabian army and the rebel groups of the local black population.

As for the origins, we should mention that representatives of different nationalities inhabited this land. In most cases, scientists divide all this population into two major groups – Africans and Arabs. Despite the fact that all of them were representatives of Islam, the relationships between these people were really aggressive.

Moreover, Darfur was a really big center of slave trading. In addition, black traders and Arabic traders treated each other in a hostile way. As a result, the situation was extremely difficult but stable. However, everything has changed when the desert destroyed a lot of fertile lands and nomadic Arabs were forced to resettle to the south.

Therefore, we have already considered all circumstances, which caused this difficult situation. So, all reasons for war are usually very similar, that’s why how can we avoid the repeating of this problem in the future? I think that the most important reason for this conflict is hidden deep inside of our psychology. I think that we should respect each other and try to find a common language. As you can understand, these people didn’t want to solve this problem, they were ready to kill each other to stop this accident. To my mind, it is really easier to talk to each other and find a decision, which can please needs of both sides rather than kill somebody to do the same. If you really want to stop any wars, you should accept the fact that people can have other opinions and you should respect them because they respect your point of view too. It is my ideal society without any conflicts and wars.