Essay Sample about US Journalists and the War in Vietnam

US journalists and the war in Vietnam essay

To be honest, I am really happy that I live in the United States of America. Of course, I understand that it sounds a little bit strange because most people usually like their homelands, but I try to be objective in this case. As for me, we have already proven this high status.

For example, we have one of the most powerful economic systems in the world. And it is not a dream. I can declare that our entrepreneurs produce too many money without any hesitations. As a result, the government has enough cash, which they obtain as taxes, to implement the most progressive development tactics.

In addition, we should not forget about such an important fact as the availability of a well-developed civil society. There are hundreds of different organizations, which try to promote their democratic and liberal principles among ordinary people. We are sure that all people are equal and all of them have equal opportunities for self-realization. If you really want to work hard and gain success, you can do that in the US. We are happy to meet new people, who want to change our country and make this world a little bit better.

Moreover, I think that our independent judicial system is an additional aspect, which can prove that the United States is a really powerful country. We have already managed to create an independent judicial system, which can protect your rights and solve any disputes. It is really important because this aspect proves that we believe in rule of law. You can be sure that no one can breach the law and do something illegal. If some people do that, they will be punished.

Finally, I am extremely happy that we have so many media, who are ready to discuss various news from all over the world. They follow strict principles and try to be really professional. It is probably not a secret that journalists are the fourth branch of power. This feature is very important for well-developed countries, who want to create a civilized society.

So, even despite the fact that there are so many positive aspects of life in the US, we should not forget that there were some problems. For example, our country took part in one of the biggest wars in the twentieth century. Yes, I am talking about the war in Vietnam. To be honest, I want to shed some light on this issue.

As you probably know, more than 80 000 of our military died during this war. I think that this sacrifice was useless. We did it to protect our interests and to win the Cold War against the USSR. However, I believe that the safeness of our citizens is more important than political preferences. AS a result, I am very happy that our media did everything possible to promote an idea of peaceful resolution of the conflict. They wrote hundreds of articles to explain to our citizens that this war is useless and endless. Moreover, only media managed to change our perception of this war. Therefore, at the end of this process, under the pressure of our society, we decided to stop this war. Of course, most people do not take into account the importance of our journalists but I we should respect their influence and remember about it.