Essay Sample on “Is sugar really bad for you?”

essay sample: Is sugar really bad for you

To be honest, most people really worry about their health. It is probably not a secret that they do everything possible to reduce any harmful risks. For example, some of them spend a lot of time in the gym because they want to stay fit, while other people do exercises at home. Moreover, I know that some “athletes” take care of their diet that’s why they try to avoid unhealthy fast food, fried products and so on. They are sure that it can help them to prolong their lives. Well, I am not sure that it can change the duration of your life, but I think that it is significantly better to be a sportsman rather than an ordinary lazy person.

However, even despite the fact that these people have already limited their diet, they want to avoid all products, which can spoil their body. One of these products is sugar. Many people are absolutely sure that sugar is a white death, while others believe that it is impossible to live without it. Let’s try to figure out who is right. That’s why I decided to write an article about pros and cons of sugar to give an answer to this question finally. So, if you are really interested in this topic, you should continue reading without any hesitation because we are going to discover some interesting and useful facts about sugar.

For most people, the word “sugar” means ordinary sugar, which you can find on the table in any house – sucrose. In general, there are many varieties of sugars. The sweetest is fructose (in fruits and honey), followed by sucrose (the main component of sugar cane and sugar beet), glucose (honey, fruits, and vegetables), maltose (germinated grains) and lactose (milk sugar).

As you probably know, there are no undeniably harmful or useful products. All of them have some pros and cons that’s why it is not strange that sugar is not an exception. Sugar has some pluses and minuses too. Let’s consider them.

When we talk about benefits of sugar we should probably mention about the most important feature – it improves the taste of certain products. For example, most people use it to drink tea or to bake something delicious. In addition, it is one of the quickest ways to give you an additional energy. Just eat one teaspoon of this substance and make sure that it is something like an extra source of efforts. Moreover, some types of sugar, which people use in sweets, can help to prevent caries. Finally, we should also mention that some artificial sweeteners contain a limited number of calories.

Well, as you can understand, there are many different benefits of sugar but we should not forget about pitfalls too. So, first of all, it is not a secret that excessive consumption of sugar can lead to tooth decay. It is really horrible but it is true that’s why people usually try to avoid it. In addition, you should understand that sweet bars and biscuits could displace products that are more nutritious. If you want to eat sugar, you should find an ideal balance.

Finally, as you can understand, this problem is extremely controversial. I think that sugar is harmful and you should avoid this product to live a happy life but I understand that this product is universal. We cannot refuse to consume it forever. That’s why you should consider all pros and cons and after that, accept your personal decision and follow this principle in the future.