How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Exemplification Essay

Exemplification essay writing has a slightly different format compared to the recognized method of an academic essay. Hence, you need a helping hand. Of course, you are familiar with various types of essay including descriptive, argumentative and narrative. For some, they have a perfect understanding of how to write each one. Others are still in the learning process.

Now you have a completely different writing task to complete. Worst of all, you don’t know which way to take. Well, you don’t need to fret as this article will guide you on how to write this type of essay. Not only that, it will also make sure your essay gets approved.

What is This Type of Essay?

The word exemplification sounds ambiguous, isn’t it? But if you are already familiar with the argumentative essay, it is indeed easy to understand. You won’t have any issues figuring out exemplification essay definition.

What is an exemplification essay? It is a type of writing where you’re trying to prove a point using various kinds of examples. You must use as many facts and statistics as necessary. Furthermore, you need to know how to incorporate them the right way into your writing.

This kind of essay requires that you take the argumentative essay writing format up a notch by adding a few more details. Look for as many facts as possible. This will help prove your points to the readers.

If you’re writing this type of essay in class, your teacher will most likely be a bit lenient when it comes to using the exact citations and figures. However, the case is quite different if it’s a take home assignment. You have to ensure that you are doing the citations properly and use statistics in the correct way. Make sure to ask your instructor the required writing style. These include Chicago, MLA or APA.


Difference between Good and Bad Exemplification Essay Topics

different topics for exemplification essay to choose from. Because it has similarity with an argumentative essay, you have to choose a topic that reflects an argumentative essay. Go for subjects that are easily adaptable for two argumentative sides. Furthermore, you want to go for topics that are not suitable for regular conversations. Also, keep in mind that you need to be able to prove your points using figures and concrete facts. Don’t try to cajole the reader using only your own point of view or opinion. It is not advisable.

Here are a few good topic ideas

  • Should gun regulations be less strict?
  • Decriminalizing drugs – Is it a great idea?
  • Should classes be gender specific?
  • Should everyone have access to free healthcare?
  • Is having a college degree any important in this modern day?

Each topic listed above has research tendencies. You have access to varied research and facts to back up your viewpoints. This way, it is easier to defend your opinions. It is important to note that you don’t necessarily have to agree with your topic to deliver the perfect piece of writing. All that is required is to have what it takes to defend your point of view regardless of the side you’re on

And while there are many good topics, bad topics also abound. Here are a few examples of bad topics and why they are perceived that way

  • Are opiates harmful? Why it’s bad – Of course, everyone knows they are dangerous. So the topic is somewhat one-sided. And as such it becomes difficult to raise any argumentative tendencies.
  • What type of music do you like? Why it’s bad- This topic is somewhat difficult to back up with statistics. This is because it is entirely based on individual opinion. It is too personal.




type of writing, there are steps and writing formats to follow. It is not ideal to start without knowing the right structure specific to this type of writing. To ensure a better flow, planning is key. Here are the steps to writing this type of essay




step to any type of writing. You have to start the writing the essay with a strong introduction. This section comprises the hook and the thesis statement. The hook grabs the attention of the reader. Exemplification essay thesis statement, on the other hand, gives a clear insight into what the piece will be about. It is a brief story that tells the reader what to expect in the body paragraphs. Furthermore, this will help your readers relate and keep reading. To make your piece more relevant, it is important that you personalize your essay.


After the


xt section is the paragraph. It is not mandatory that the essay must have the usual five paragraph essay format unless specified. The body paragraph should have plenty of figures and numbers. This is where you prove your points and show how valid your statements are. Also, make sure it follows a logical format.




s a summary of all your main points. Here you can add a little more information. For this, a few lines will do. Since it’s a summary, you don’t have to raise a different point of view. Avoid adding figures and facts in this section.

Basic Tips and Guidelines

Basic Tips and Guidelines for Writing a Good Exemplifications Essay

to guide you in writing a good essay.

  • Choose the right topic that you can exemplify. After that, you can select the objects that require examples to prove your points
  • Take note of the most vital points to support your argument. Make sure you write them down. They will form the basis of your database
  • Don’t deviate from the subject matter. Make sure all facts and figures provided correspond to the subject matter. The watchword is quality and not quantity. In other words, you should avoid pointless and irrelevant examples.
  • Make sure your viewpoint is stated clearly at the beginning of the writing. This will give readers a perfect idea of what to expect
  • State your point of view in a logical manner. It should all be in the order of importance.
  • Do not use uninteresting and obvious examples. You want to keep readers captivated and engaged from the start of your writing to the end. Give them something new and keep them glued to your work.
  • Use as many examples as possible
  • Keep reader captivated and draw their attention with a catchy introduction. They will want to read your work till the end.
  • Keep your text simple.

Where to Find Good Exemplifi

Where to Find Good Exemplification Essay Samples

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