Find out what is the basic structure of an essay?

It is difficult to imagine how many essays students accomplish during studying at school and college. For this reason, the knowledge of basic essay structure is so important for every young person. It can economize time and efforts when writing different essays. You just need to learn it by heart a single time and use every time when you need this. This article can give you this information, so you need to read it.

Get to know the basic structure of an essay

There is a great number of different essays, like a narrative essay, argumentative essay, informative essay, persuasive essay, compare and contrast essay, cause and effect essay and so on. All of them have different goals. Yet, most of the essays have one basic structure with some variations.

Essay structure rules

In general, when you write an essay, you always have certain rules that you need to follow to make your essay well-written. Basic rules of 5 paragraph essay and the structure are what you need to know to be able to write any essay.
Basic essay structure tips
What is the basic structure of an essay? It is a structure with the certain components. There are a few general things that you should know about it.

  • It consists of three main components: introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • It consists of 5 paragraphs: 1st paragraph is for the introduction part, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs are for the body part, and 5th paragraph is for the conclusion part.
  • Every part has structure too.
  • Every paragraph should be logically connected with the help of content and linking words.

What essay structure can be?
In most of the situations, you really can have in mind only this structure and create a good essay. Yet, what is the basic structure of a compare and contrast essay and other essays that are quite different from the other essays because they have not one subject? The basic structure of a comparison and contrast essay is also similar, but it has some variants.

  • Introduction – the first paragraph;
  • Body – can be 3 or 4 paragraphs depending on what structure you will choose (subject by subject, point by point, or compare and contrast).
  • Conclusion – the last paragraph.

Apart from this, you can get some other requirements about writing your essays from your teacher. For instance, you can be asked to develop your personal essay. One of the easiest ways to vary the basic structure of a personal essay is to add a paragraph for every new idea that you need to support your thesis statement.

Basic essay structure components

As it was previously mentioned, the main components of the essay structure also should be structured properly.

    The introduction is the first paragraph of every essay. It is a short paragraph that usually consists of about 3-5 sentences. In general, the structure of this paragraph looks like this:

  • Hook sentence – to interest the readers and present the topic of essay in general;
  • Explanation – sentence or a couple of sentences to explain the hook sentence. Apart from this it logically should lead to the thesis statement.
  • Thesis statement – the main sentence, usually placed at the end of the introduction. Its goal is to present the main points of an essay.
  • Body part
    The body part is the main part of an essay, where an author should clearly disclose his/her topic. In most of the situations, it consists of three paragraphs that are similar in structure. All of them contain:

  • The topic sentence – which presents the focus of the paragraph.
  • Support sentences – in other words, they are evidence, explanations, and different examples that need to support the main idea and the topic sentence.
  • Transitions – a phrase or sentence that connect the paragraphs.

The conclusion is the last paragraph of an essay, and usually, it is quite short (about 3-5 paragraphs). The task of this paragraph is to finish the paper logically. It can summarize the information presented in the essay, or restate the thesis statement, or be a call to action. These are the most common ways to write the conclusion part.
Apart from this, you shouldn’t forget that you have the task of writing with style the basic structure of an academic essay. It means that you shouldn’t only structure the paper well, it also should be formatted properly. In most of the cases, your teacher will let you know what style is needed for your essay. Yet, if it doesn’t matter for him/her, you should choose one of the most common styles (Chicago, MLA, APA). It is necessary to write your essay using only one style, so it was easy to read.
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