Fundamentals of Outlining A Research Paper

Many learners find it challenging to write a comprehensive and successful research paper. Think of situation where you are starting the semester and the first thing you’re your instructor tells you is that you need to prepare for a research paper that will be handed in towards the end of the semester? Such scenarios tend to scare learners and in most cases, they cause majority of the learners to panic. Perhaps you have found yourself in such a situation before?

However, today we have a solution for your problems especially when it comes to how to research paper an essay.
The success and ease of research paper writing is achieved through prior preparation and specifically the development of a strong research paper outline. Are you having challenges writing a research paper outline? Worry no more since you have come to the right place. In case you are not ready to write the outline yourself, we can help you develop a comprehensive one at a small fee. All you do is to order today and the right individual, who matches your assignment’s needs, will write an outstanding research paper outline within the stipulated time. Alternatively, this article covers numerous tips and guidelines on how to write a research paper outline.

What is a research paper outline?

For you to be in a position to develop a successful research paper outline, you are supposed to have clear information about what a research paper outline entails. An outline is a document that you prepare prior to engaging in the actual research paper writing process to guide you in tracking your thoughts and ideas especially where a large paper is involved. It acts as a guide that you follow to ensure that major aspects of your research topic are addressed without much challenges.

While an outline is a suitable approach towards writing a mammoth paper, it does not imply that it is easy to develop. You will need to learn a few aspects such as the best research paper outline format and what needs to be covered in what sections. Such an approach is important since it gives you the chance to factor in all the necessary elements of your subject to ensure that you address your chosen topic comprehensively. For this reason, you need to take some time to think about all the components of your subject area that need to be covered in the research paper.

Reasons for outlining your research paper

In most of the cases, learners and I bet you might have experienced this, tend to be tempted to start writing the research paper right away due to issues to do with deadlines. However, the majority of papers written in a rush end up to be poor quality since minimal time is taken to think about what elements should be covered. You will find that writing a lengthy research paper without an outline is quite hectic and more often you will lose the track of your ideas. What then do you do to ensure that you stay focused and on the right path? You need an outline as this will help you follow a certain approach that will lead to comprehensive coverage of your research topic and in the end, you will save much time.

As such, outlining a research paper revolves around the need to ensure that you follow an organized approach towards addressing a particular subject in a lengthy research paper. Basically, a research paper outline is important in that it ensures logical flow of ideas and thoughts during the research paper writing process. This is based on the fact that the outline will give you the chance to list and organize your main ideas according to the priority.

Developing a Research Paper Outline

Having a successful outline for a research paper is a thing that every learner wishes to have though in most of the cases, such wishes go unfulfilled. The challenge here, is attributable to the lack of prior preparation and understanding on how to make an outline for research paper as well as what needs to be covered in the outline. How then do you develop a successful outline? What are your main ideas with respect to the subject that you are planning to cover? This is ideally the first question that you should ask yourself when it comes to developing a research paper outline. After you have established your main points for the research paper, next you need to think about how to cover these ideas comprehensively. Here, you are required to come up with a clear research paper outline template for you to follow. This approach will save you much time trying to enlist the major points to cover in various sections.

Often, the majority of research papers are based on the introduction-body-conclusion approach and hence, this is the same format that you should be thinking about. Each of these sections will over different aspects of your research topic. Here is an example of a research paper outline:

I. Introduction
A. Hook
B. Thesis statement
C. Research question
II. Body
A. Context of your subject
B. Existing arguments
C. Own argument
III. Conclusion
A. Thesis restatement
B. Summary of major points
C. Implication

In the introduction section, the hook, research question(s) and the thesis statement play a significant role as far as developing a comprehensive outline and thereafter, research paper is concerned. The hook is a catchy phrase that should capture the interest of your target readers, while the thesis statement sets out the boundaries of your research paper by highlighting the basis of the paper.

The body section should cover the main arguments with respect to the research topic that you have chosen. This is where you readers need to get a glimpse of the major elements of your subject and the available supporting ideas. Ensure that you structure this section in a way that it comprises of 3 paragraphs with each paragraph covering a single element of the topic. The conclusion section should be a recap of the main points covered in the body, alongside the implication of existing and your own arguments.