Great Tips on How to Write a Quality Narrative Essay Format

Format Narrative Essay

Narrative essay format for A Narrative Essay needs to be concisely formatted. A Narrative Essay is a story, which college students are often required to write. It helps in displaying creativity and how well the student writes. The structure of the narrative essay is essential.

Hook your reader with interest by a short statement which will awaken the curiosity. A quotation, question, fact or definition is the best way to start it. After you have gained your reader’s attention, describe the scene as much as possible. It will help the reader imagine themselves in the location and situation.

Involve a background of significant characters which will help the reader imagine the characters face, body, and personality. The readers usually might link real life characters to the characters described in the narrative story. Detail is of primary importance and this will distinguish whether your essay should be graded extremely well or not.

The personal narrative essay format depends on if it’s a work of fiction or your own story. Do let the reader know and if it is a true story make sure that every event is described from your own senses. The smells, sounds, feelings, and sights should be portrayed. For example, the narrative essay format example for a description is “When the dog came running up to him, his heart was in his mouth, and his hands were trembling with fear.”


Things to Keep in Mind When Composing a Narrative Paper

the story simple with a timeline of events written correctly in order. Transition words such as after and before should be used well when connecting schedules. You can use paragraphs to divide timelines and different actions so that it is much clearer for the reader.

The thesis in the narrative needs to present the main facts and reasons along with the moral of the story. The moral of the story should be a benefit to the reader and help him change himself for the better. Link the story, theme, events and moral in a distinct manner so that it all makes sense.

Pay special attention to the conclusion as it is the most essential part of the essay. It will portray the final action of the narrative essay. It will reflect whether the descriptions and events all make sense with the moral of the story. Don’t worry we got you covered. We will write the Narrative Essay so that it is easy for the reader to understand and at the same time include quality descriptions which will interest the reader. In a whole when writing a narrative essay keep certain things in mind:

  1. Plot
  2. Character
  3. Setting
  4. Climax
  5. Ending

Put your point across in the best way possible with the principles stated above. Connect emotionally with the reader with the guidelines, and you will succeed in your essay being readable. Quality Narrative Essays should be described as much with details so that a picture is painted in the reader’s mind.

Questions you should ask yourself when revising the narrative essay:

  • Is the narrative story easy to read and also makes sense to the reader?
  • Are your words descriptive or informative?
  • Are there too many confusing details? (If yes, you should not include too many descriptions!)
  • Have you conveyed the message at the end of the story? There has to be a connection between the event and the point of the whole story.

MLA Form

MLA Format Narrative Essay

school and colleges, narrative essays are often given to be done in MLA format. MLA stands for Modern Language Association which is a formatting style following in liberal arts and humanities classes. MLA format is simple as long as you follow the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. For your Narrative Essay Format Outline, MLA Formatting needs to be followed in Formatting, Citing and Style and Flow.



a title page is not required however sometimes it might be needed. Ensure your name, name of your teacher, date, and type of assignment is at the beginning of the first page. The font that needs to be used is Times New Roman, 12 pt and double-spaced. A tip to indent the paragraphs is by pressing the ‘tab’ key on your keyboard. In the upper right corner, your last name should be written followed by the page number.



epends on whether you are writing your own personal narrative story or you are writing fiction. If it is your own personal narrative, only famous quotations may be included. However, if it is a work of fiction, then you will need to cite the character’s speech.

If quotations are added, make sure the sources are added to the ‘Works Cited’ page. In MLA citation, since it’s a Narrative Format Essay the author’s name and year of publication is not included as it’s your own story whether fiction or personal story.

Style and Flow

Style and Flowessay needs to include the firsthand experience, and so more of the word ‘I’ has to be used. Try to keep it as light as possible even though it is supposed to be academic.

Passive voice is a big no, with phrases such as ‘At Lunch, rice was eaten by Tom’ and should be replaced by active phases such as ‘Tom ate rice at lunch.’

Keep the story as vivid as possible with emotionally strong words which will drive the sentiment of the readers. Paragraphing is also vital which can keep your narrative essay very clear with it being divided according to new locations, events or a direct speech by another person. Worried about A Narrative Essay in MLA format or a Narrative Essay in APA format, let us take care of it and write your essay for you!