How does a search engine work?

work of search engine

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In order to get answers to the queries, the Internet users need a special software system, a search engine. Without these engines, users would have troubles in finding the necessary websites, storing them, and keeping their names. In many cases, finding something manually would be very difficult, and often impossible. At the present time, the search engines make all this routine work on the search, storage, and sorting of information about websites.

The Internet is continually growing and developing, along with the Internet search engines are evolving. Their main task remains unchanged: they should help the user to find the best answer to the query that he entered into the search field. The more high-quality results will be given by the search engine, the more people would trust it. Search engines constantly analyze terabytes of information, posted on millions of web pages, while trying to determine which sites deserve to be included at the top of the list and which are the best candidates for being banned.

The search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others represent the main elements for surfing on the Internet. The global net is a sea of the various information and the search engines help the user to quickly find the necessary website or to get the particular information. Ordinarily, there is a list of important data, index, in the alphabetical order in textbooks or scientific books. The index indicates the most important terms in this book, or keywords, and the page numbers on which they occur. The work of search engines is based on a similar principle. In fact, when a user enters a search keyword, he refers to the Internet index, a list of all Internet keywords, specifying the pages where they can be met.

A search engine is a program that compiles and stores of the Internet index and it also finds the specified keywords in it. It loads and presents the user with the initial list of addresses of web pages or websites. Then the search engine, or rather its component part, the search robot, collects all the hypertext links from each of the given pages to other pages and adds all the addresses, found in the links to its original address list. Thus, the initial list is rapidly increasing. The page that has no links never hits the index of the search engine, so if you made a new website, you have to register it in the search engines to include it into the index. The search robot downloads text material and stores it on the computer disks.

At the beginning, the text of the indexed page is cleared of any non-text elements (graphics, HTML, etc.). Then the words chosen from the text are brought to their basics or nominative case. The collected words are arranged in the alphabetical order, indicating the page number where the information is taken from, and the entry numbers where this web page was based. When a user enters a word in the query section, the search engine refers to the index. It finds all web page numbers, related to the specified word, and shows the user the search result in the form of the lists of pages. A synonym for search quality is its relevance. With regard to search engines, the word ‘relevant’ is almost the main term. The relevance of the search engine issues means that these issues contain web pages that are related to the meaning of the search query. The relevancy or the search quality is a rather complex thing. Another important criterion for the quality of the search engine is accuracy. The accuracy is a measure of the quality of the results. It is evaluated by the number of relevant pages in the total volume of pages, given after the search. However, not only the accuracy of the search is important, but also the ranking of the search results.

It is impossible to say which search engine is better. For the user, it is better to search for the most relevant and accurate results. For the owner of the website, the best search engine is the system, which discloses the site in question as easily found, which will obviously lead to the largest number of target visitors.