How to Choose the Best Topics for a 10-Page Research Paper?

What can make your essay stand out among dozens of other similar ones? A proper paper is the one that readers want to read until the end. A bad title can make them run away from your piece of writing and never come back to it. What is a good title? Here are the key features of a suitable theme for a research paper:

  • It’s compelling;
  • It’s arguable;
  • It’s controversial;
  • It’s short;
  • It’s narrow.

We can make the list much longer, but these features are the most important ones. You can start with having fifty possible themes for the research paper and choose only ten to be the best ones. You will paraphrase your topics for several times until you get the very one that meets all requirements.

10 page research paper topics

The choice of subject will greatly depend on the course you’re taking and skills and knowledge that you have now. You will need to brainstorm all possible ideas. Then come up with the list of the most compelling ones. It’s a prudent idea to choose something that you are good at or if you know where to search the information from the primary sources.

What are the best topics to write a 10 page chemistry paper on?

a 10 page chemistry paper topics

If you have to choose topics for a 10 page research paper that you can argue in chemistry, take a look around you. Chemistry is everywhere starting from the influence of plastic on the food you eat to the influence of vitamins on human bodies. Think what you are the most concerned about. If you pick up the topic that you are interested in, it will be much easier to motivate readers to view your text and research.

Let’s take a look at a short list of topics that can interest you:

  • The effect of acid rains on plants;
  • The reason for acid raining;
  • What’s the influence of plastic on food?;
  • Plastic has to be changed into a bio dish;
  • What chemicals can cause allergy?;
  • Chemistry of the future: key concepts;
  • Chemical reasons for not drinking soda;
  • How to cook any drug in your kitchen?;
  • What’s organic food from a chemical point of view?;
  • How do vitamins interact in a human body?;
  • The influence of chemistry on the quality of life.

You can use this list as a starting point for your future research paper. If every idea seems good and you can’t stop at anything, choose the topic at random. Close your eyes and tap any line with your finger. Open your eyes and start researching. However, if you feel uncomfortable about writing this very topic, choose the one you like the most. Make sure that 10 page chemistry paper topics can be arguable and they don’t provide obvious conclusions for the readers.

Good topics to write a 10 page research paper on

Think of the resources when choosing the subject for you. It’s not a very good idea to rely only on your own ideas and thoughts. It’s great when you have a lot to say about the topic you like. You will write ten pages where you will have to express your opinion as well. When you think of a topic, always ask yourself “So what?”. What value will you provide for the readers by researching this very issue?

If you are studying something related to business:

  • The future of online retail;
  • Is outsourcing good for a software company?;
  • E-commerce development and failures;
  • Key factors influencing the cyber security;
  • Ethics as a key component of business prosperity.

If you are studying something related to law:

  • Democracy of the future: changes are coming;
  • Drinking alcohol at an early age is not a crime;
  • How can a student become a drug addicted?;
  • Having a gun is a guarantee of safety;
  • Children have no right to say NO.

If you’re studying something related to education:

  • A school of the future: design and concepts;
  • Online education will make everyone lazy;
  • Traditional schools will disappear in fifty years;
  • Pros and cons of homeschooling;
  • Standard tests don’t represent real data.

These are some examples that you can use for your own assignment. You will have a much bigger list with almost a hundred items on the list. Choosing the best title means stopping at the research topics worthy of 10 page paper. You can start thinking how you will develop a thesis statement for the paper to support your topic.

Compelling topics for 10 page history paper

topics for 10 page history paper

When choosing a good theme to write essay about history, you can focus on a period, a personality or an event. Most of historical events and personalities are good for the topics for a 10 page research paper. They are easily debated depending on what point of view you choose. Of course, you should find reliable sources where historians express their position towards the subject you have chosen.

Here are some topics that you can use for your research paper:

  • The impact of the World War 2 on the development of democracy;
  • Who was the most influencing president of the US?;
  • The personality of Richard Nixon and his character;
  • The theory of the dark ages and the intensity of the darkness;
  • The role of religion in the 19th century.

If you feel that the subject can evoke any negative feelings, you should avoid using it or paraphrase it not to make readers hate your paper. It mostly concerns some periods of time when a lot of people died because of war or any epidemic cases. You should be careful with stating your position towards such things. Remember to use reliable evidence to support every your word.

10 page argumentative research paper topics: How to pick them up?

In this type of writing, your goal is to persuade the readers that your arguments in favor of something are accurate. That’s why you should choose the title that can be discussed. You can also stop at the news topics for 10 page research paper. It means that you don’t focus on evergreen things, but concentrate on the current events or actions. You will seem like a reporter that presents the readers your point of view.

Here are some variants of the titles for the argumentative research paper:

  • Who is the sponsor of international terrorism?;
  • The future of religions is not very clear;
  • The union of South and North Korea is possible;
  • Pros and cons of living in the country;
  • Gender roles are all taken for the next ten years.

As you see, you can write about anything that has sense and that has been researched by scientists. In short, you need to focus on what doesn’t seem too boring for the readers and what you can write a lot about 10 page science research paper topics.

I need help with choosing the topic

It may seem overwhelming to pick up the very title that is super great not only for you but also for the readers of your essay. You can look through dozens of websites to find 10 page research paper topics or you can find one person who can help you choose the very topic for your paper. If you need help, it’s better to google it online as you will save time and you have a guarantee that you will find what you want.

We know that precise choice of the subject can influence the impression that you will make on readers. It’s the first impression from the paper that is provided by the title. We have a team of experienced writers. They have written a lot of research papers and who know how to formulate a compelling topic. Save your time and let us cope with this hard task for you.