How to format a college admission essay successfully

How to format a college admission essay successfully

It is vital to pay attention to the college admission essay format if you want to create the brilliant essay that will impress the college committee. You should know that it assesses not only the content of your essay but also the way how it is formatted. This article will give you a few useful tips what to do and what to avoid to format your essay well.

College admission essay format heading

To format college admission essay, it is essential to be aware of the different peculiarities of this question. It is necessary to know not only information of what to include in your essay and what to avoid.

Format a college admission essay well

In the first place, everyone should know about the general rules of usage of margins, font, and spacing. Yet, apart from this, different variants of the delivery require specific attention.

Spacing, Margins, and font size

Essay format for college admission depends on the style that you should use writing your paper. Yet, there are a couple of general rules that in most of the cases are the same (unless the requirements are different).

  • 1-inch margin from the left, right, top, and bottom of the page;
  • Every line in the text should be double-spaced;
  • The text should be written with the Times New Roman font;
  • The size of the text should be 12.

Heading, title, and header

Apart from this, it is necessary to know the rules of the college admission essay heading format.

  • The heading of the essay should begin with the top left corner of the page.
  • The first line should be the name of the author.
  • The second line should be the name of the instructor.
  • The third line should be the name of the subject and its code.
  • The fourth line should be the date of submission.

The title of the college admission essay should be placed after the heading at the center of the line. After the title, it is necessary to indent twice before you start writing your essay paragraphs.

The format of college program admission essay also requires some specific header. Unfortunately, most of the students forget or ignore this and lose their precious points.

  • The first page of the header should have only the number of the page;
  • Starting from the second page, the header should have the number of the page and the last name of the author.
  • They both should be intended and placed right.

If you don’t how to format a college admission essay, you should learn this information because the accurate formatting makes the essays easy to read and understand for the reader.

Useful recommendations to follow

The format for college admission essay isn’t always easy because there are a couple of misconceptions that can make any essay bad.

Why templates are bad

On the web, it is possible to find a college admission essay format template that offers the guide on how to structure and format your paper. They also give the detailed instructions of what to write about there. It is better to avoid using templates because they won’t help to create something interesting and outstanding, but they make your paper sound bland and canned. It is better to look through a couple of successful examples to know how to structure the essay well, what to write about, and how to format it. However, it is necessary to be careful because you can have different requirements than the authors of the examples.

Never forget

There are two formatting levels: the micro (margins, fonts, headings, headers, etc.) and the macro (structure of your paper).

There are a couple of recommendations about the micro level formatting, which are essential to follow.

  • Use only Word processing software from writing your papers;
  • If you need to copy-and-paste your essay into a text box, you should carefully check whether the formatting is the same as was, your text isn’t cut off, and your paragraphs are delineated clearly.
  • If you need to attach a document, you should be confident that your text is formatted according to the necessary style (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.).
  • You don’t need to write a title unless you have a task to write because it just eats into your word count.

Apart from this, there are a couple of recommendations about the macro level formatting, which are essential to follow.

  • The supper college admission essay format, which can guarantee success, doesn’t exist. Everything depends on the writing skills and your imagination.
  • It is necessary to make the introduction and conclusion written clearly. Every part should play its role. The introduction should catch the readers’ attention and provide the information where you are going in your paper. The conclusions should logically finish the essay. Writing of the main body of the college admission essay doesn’t have strict rules.
  • Writing a college admission essay means to be original.

As can be seen, there are a lot of different nuances that you should know to format your paper well. If you still don’t understand how to format a college admission essay successfully, it is better to rely on the professionals. In addition, to read a couple of the examples written by the experts also can help to understand the peculiarities of the formatting better.