How to write a college essay: format tips and advices

College research paper

Writing essays can appear to be quite a difficult experience but also can become a pleasant challenge. In this article you will learn the steps to take in order to understand how to write a college research paper.

First of all, academic writing should contain a discussion for majority kinds of papers. Instead of restating facts or putting the information that was found altogether, the piece of writing is expected to show the metacognition—the thoughtful process of the authors while they are exploring their topics.  Writing for college is often connected with complications and rigor as well as requires special accuracy.

That’s why intellectual curiosity can be a key to success. The second key to succeed with your paper is a proper format. The third key is writing a college essay outline. Firstly, let’s learn what college essay format you need to follow. Most of the papers are expected to be made using the following format:

– Introduction with a thesis statement;

– About 3 body paragraphs;

– Conclusion with a final thought or call to action.

Later in the present article you will find the tips on writing the paper according to such format.

How best examples of college essays are made

The best examples of college essays are made using five-step formula that helps to understand how to write a college paper step by step.  You can apply that formula for your writing as well. It helps to make a perfect paper. Look at the steps and follow them one by one when writing a paper:

Step 1 – Choose your topic: you can do it yourself or consider advice from a knowledgeable person.

Step 2 – Search the material connected to your topic. Examine it well to orientate in the information already available online and in books: this will help to make connections between various points in order to form own compelling argument.

Step 3 – Develop introduction with a thesis statement which clearly states your main point.

Step 4 – Write the body of the essay: you may have the required number of paragraphs to include here or decide about their number yourself depending on how many arguments you are going to present.

Step 5 – Summarize all the information in a conclusion.

If you understand those steps, then writing a college paper may not seem so difficult task for you anymore.

Steps of writing college application essay in details

Step 1. Coming out with a topic

If applicable at all, choose a topic for your application essay based on your most prominent personal achievement which can speak on your favor and distinguish you among the other applicants. Such achievement can be the central idea of your essay, though you need to strengthen it with your other achievements, strengths, and personal goals.

You need to formulate clearly what you are going to say in your essay based on your topic. It’s kind of paradox but you need to show college level writing skills already on the step of an application.

When you write you put your ideas on paper with an aim to see them evolving. The same is with a topic. You can brainstorm different topic ideas yourself and then estimate them according to their importance to you. Your own interest in writing on this or that topic is essential as it will keep you motivated and don’t let you give up with your paper.

Good idea is to explore the spheres in your paper that you had never explored before. It concerns both personal and research essays. A properly chosen topic will:

– motivate you to explore your interests;

-help you go deeper into a subject and

– come out with greater ideas.

Step 2. Research and evidence

The biggest challenge is learning to write yourself without copying the ideas or plagiarizing. Many applicants skip this rule and fail later. In other words, they are trying to collect maximum of information from variety of sources at the same time getting away from the main point which is their own experience.

From that point of view application essay differs greatly from other kinds of essays, for majority of which research is a substantial step and sources together with citations are obligatory evidence to base your arguments on.

Step 3. Writing a thesis statement in the introduction

Your thesis should be h3, clear and to the point. In the first sentence of your thesis statement you should clarity the main point that you are going to present. It’s a good idea to provide a supportive sentence for you thesis where you make the statement complete, giving the h3est reason why you believe your main point is true, functional and can be considered. Also, it can be a sentence about the purpose of your writing.

Applying those tips, you can come out with a perfect thesis statement. It should not be difficult to understand, on the contrary, it would be nice if it is simplified. Especially when you are just learning how to write a college paper outline or essay itself, stick to simplicity.  Simple but at the same time h3 and understandable thesis statement will help you to form clear arguments to support it.

While researching, in order to form your main argument, at the same time mark pieces of evidence that corresponds to your topic and consider the thesis statements from the good examples of a college paper.  Later on, you will probably learn how to write more interesting and complex thesis statements as well as the essays themselves.

That is what concerns different research papers that you will be assigned throughout the years of study. Speaking about admission papers, if you are able to create a clear main point and put your writing around it, your application essay will receive an essential advantage among many other papers that the admission officers receive.

Step 4. Write the body of the essay.

Both writing your paper in the required style and concentration on the main idea mentioned by a topic and a thesis statement train your skills and provide you the possibilities to grow in the way how you express your thoughts and present the information. High-school level of writing is expected to develop into college and university more professional levels.

If you have completed the previous steps well, then this step should be a bit easier but still requires certain attention. In the body of the essay, you need to provide:

– topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph which gives the readers an idea of each of your points and arguments; thus each paragraph you need to start with general information;

– later in each paragraph go into details providing examples, numbers and whatever is applicable in your case;

– support you points with evidence providing the citations from the respective academic sources;

– at the end of each paragraph go back to general;

– make proper transitions between the paragraphs going from one point to another one.

Step 5. Conclusion

It seems easy to write this part but don’t forget to include the necessary components such as:

– thesis restatement: you need to remind the readers what was the main point and purpose of your writing;

– summary of the most important: for the readers to remember what you were discussing, explaining or proving;

– final thought: make it impressive in order to let the readers think more about the information you presented or to convince them finally about what you have said;

– call to action (if applicable): let the readers know that more information is available for consideration and that the further research on the topic may be needed.

Additional advice is to close Facebook and YouTube while writing, to put your phone away and start to focus on the task. When writing, you need to listen to your thoughts and be fully concentrated on what you are writing.

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