How to write a good introduction for an essay

How to write a good introduction for an essay

To write a good introduction for an essay is very important because it is necessary to force to the readers to carry on reading. If you don’t know how to write it, it is essential to look through this article that contains general information about writing essay introductions and specific data about writing compare and contrast, college, and persuasive essays introductions.

Write a good introduction for an argumentative essay

If you want to make your essay successful, it is necessary to start it right. The task of writing an essay introduction isn’t simple, but it is possible to accomplish it if to have enough relevant information and at least some writing experience.

General data about an essay introduction

First of all, when you need to write an introduction paragraph for an essay, you should get to know the general data about it, and only then start writing.

Definition and purpose of an essay introduction

Essay introduction is the first paragraph of an essay that introduces your paper to the readers. The main function of this paragraph is to be a “map” of your essay, giving the reader information about the major argument and points that are developed in the paper. Apart from this, it also serves to attract readers’ attention. If a person isn’t sure whether he or she wants to read your essay, it will be enough to read the introduction paper to make the choice. For this reason, it is crucial to ask yourself a question: “How to write a good introduction for an essay?” because this paragraph determines the general impression of your paper.

General components of an essay introduction

The first rule of writing an essay introduction is that essays are different, and it is impossible to use one and the same introduction structure for different essays. Of course, some of the essay types are similar in structure, and it is possible to use similar introductions, but others are completely different. Yet, there a couple of common components of an essay introduction. In general, an essay introduction has from 3 to 5 sentences.

  • 1st sentence:
    • Orientation – a short general statement that leads the audience into the topic you describe in your essay.
    • Hook sentence – a short statement that doesn’t only introduce the topic in general, but also serves to attract the readers.
  • 2nd sentence/2nd-4th sentences – explanation of the first sentence and explanation of the importance of the topic.
  • 3rd/5th sentence – thesis statement the main argument or point in your essay, which tells the readers what exactly you are going to write about in your essay.

Writing different essay introductions

It was already mentioned that different essays require different introductions. For this reason, you will have a chance to find out the information about writing the introductions of three very popular essay types.

Write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay

To write a good compare and contrast essay introduction, you need to complete a few tasks:

  • Find out how long your essay will be to know how many sentences your introduction should be.
  • Choose the subjects that you are going to discuss in your essay.
  • Choose the structure that you are going to use to discuss the main points of the subjects.
  • Write your introduction so it was interesting to read but don’t forget to mention all necessary information about your paper. It is also useful to mention in the introduction the order of the discussed points.

Write an introduction for a persuasive essay

A task of writing an introduction for a persuasive essay is also quite specific because this essay type should persuade people but no one wants to be persuaded. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the words carefully not to scare away the readers. It is also essential to gather the information first and only then write the introduction. Yet, apart from this it is better not be too straightforward because a great number of people don’t want to listen to you. In persuasive essay introduction, it is better to ask some provocative question or provide a couple of interesting facts that will attract attention to the problem.

Write an introduction for a college essay

College essay introduction is also quite particular because the structure of the college essays can be different, only the topic is the same. In general, you need to present information about yourself. It doesn’t sound too academic because you are writing about yourself, but it still shouldn’t be too informal. The task of a college essay introduction is to impress the committee, so it is essential to be creative. Don’t write: “I want to tell about myself…” or “My life is…”, it won’t work. It is better to use some story, or anecdote, or question that will surprise them in a good way.

If you want to learn how to write a good introduction paragraph, it is necessary to look through every introduction essay example that you can find. Apart from this, it is essential to analyze them and identify their strong and weak sides. If you don’t how to do this well, or just don’t want to learn how to write an introduction paragraph for an argumentative essay, it is better to order the whole paper. This decision will make you free and satisfied.