How to Write a Position Paper in Correct Way

Position paper

An informative format of position paper with example

Participation in conferences and other official events requires from participants, whether it is a state or organization, to have a position paper. The same is for students. You can face the necessity to know how to write such kind of paper both during the study years and in further professional life. That’s why the students are being assigned writing position papers – to be ready and experienced in writing them in advance.

This document is an essay that contains a detailed case of the participant with the issues brought up for discussion at the relevant meeting. Preliminary competent researches and the collection of material on the necessary topic will contribute to understanding how to write a position paper for it to be able to meet the requirements and standards.

In a case when position paper is not necessary for the meeting, it is better to have a prepared letter, which will help with the statement of participant’s opinion and the opening speech. Most of the conferences set deadlines for filing a position paper. They usually ask participants to provide documents in a term that doesn’t exceed one month before the event. It gives a possibility to the staff members to have a look at those documents and their content in order to make a plan of the meeting’s flow.

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How to start: topics and outline for your position paper

Depending on the theme of the conference and the discussed issues, position paper topics can be particularly different. That’s why when you are being assigned such a paper, be sure to clarify the requirements with your professor. If you need it for your own participation in the conference, you can choose topic yourself or give the list of possible topics that you are thinking about for a person that you trust in order to receive a feedback on the topic he or she considers to be the best.

During preparation of a position paper outline, it is necessary to take into account that the document usually consists of no more than two pages. It must have a small-scale introduction, after which it is recommended to state a comprehensive segmentation of the participant’s positions in accordance with the discussed subject.

Quite often it happens that the organizers of conferences require demonstrating specific information in a position paper, so the potential participant needs to be sure that the document corresponds with all the requirements. With a mind to better understanding how to write a position paper outline let consider what must be included in a decent position paper:

– brief information about the participant (state or organization), its history of activities in relation to the theme of the meeting; preliminarily there is a possibility to get acquainted with a position paper introduction example from similar conferences that were held earlier;

– how issues of the conference can affect the situation in the organization or country;

– statement of the state policy or opinion of the organization regarding the issues of the conference, as well as the grounding for such opinion;

– opinions of representatives of the management of country or the organization;

– research information reflecting the supporting position of country or the organization as for the problems of the meeting;

– information concerning normative acts and legal agreements signed by the participant under the issues of the event;

– the conclusion of the document should contain recommendations of the state or the organization how to solve the considered problems, likewise an opinion on how the attitude of other participants can affect the situation in the state or the organization.

In the same manner, you can use other examples of how to end a position paper if you were assigned such a task in order to train in writing this kind of papers. Feel free to optimize it according to the needs and requirements you possess.

What are special aspects of a position paper format APA?

APA style is the official style of handling the formalities of works, applied by the American Psychological Association (APA). APA format requirements may appear to be complex from the first glance, but they will not seem so difficult with experience.

For example, when you are dealing with a policy position paper your work needs to meet the appropriate requirements. The style determines the number of specific design principles for text, quotes and references. Almost in all cases, quotes that appear in the text of the work should be noted in the section with a list of literature.

There can be many technical details and requirements for a proper academic position paper format: font size, line spacing, margins, header, and footer. You must take into account all these requirements during the preparation of a position paper outline APA as well.

After spending several days or even weeks on studying, preparing and editing of your paper according to some position paper template, you may become inexact and lose your concentration. It may come very disappointing later when it turns out that your work does not meet the requirements of the APA style still. Your professor will necessarily pay attention to formatting and references in your work.

You need to review the work several times in order to be sure that all the APA formatting requirements are met. Moreover, preparing a position paper you need to follow several important issues: logicality and clarity of presentation, punctuation, and grammar. Are you ready to do it yourself? Isn’t it better to delegate this responsible task for professionals?

The position paper is a significant document at any meeting. In fact, it is a concise expression of the participant’s opinion at a convention on each of the issues. It is also an important way of estimation of the representative or speaker at a meeting. The document serves as a guide for action during the event and helps the speaker not to get off on a deliberate course. May be you have upcoming important conference where you want to impress the listeners with your speech? Whatever is the purpose of your need in a position paper, we propose you to deal with it instead of you. While you can enjoy your free time and do something else that you are really good at.

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