How to Write a Process Paper: 3 Writing Steps and Extra Tips

process paper

Imagine you’ve made a delicious raspberry jam. Now put yourself in a nutritionist shoes who must give a detailed description of the cooking technique to make clear the reasons for each step. The same task lies ahead of you when you are assigned to write a process paper. Be ready to create an essay with narrative elements that explains and analyzes your actions. Read our free guide on how to write a process paper and keep up with your developments.

Step 1. What Is a Process Paper? p>Obviously, you have noticed a hidden hint in the title of this type of writing. It describes a process. In many ways, a process paper systematically is misinterpreted by many who treat it as a mini-version of the research project. But just think of the word “process.” It appeals to the steps necessary to complete a job. Let’s return to our lovely raspberry jam. The steps to make it: prepare the berries; place them in a bowl and toss with the sugar; boil the mix and ladle into warm jars. How to make a process paper? Do it likewise! Remember, it is not your research project. It is a description of how you conducted your investigation job as well as how the issue is related to the topic of study. Those who develop a website, doing a documentary or exhibit performance are obliged to write a process paper. Students working on the Historical Paper category, on the contrary, do not require creating a process paper.


Recognize Basic Features

i>Do not write too long process analysis paper: this writing piece is about 500 words.
  • 2 ways to approach paper: describe how to do some process or explain how this thing works. Discuss with the instructor whether you should put in your observations using passive voice or write in the second person. Nevertheless, it’s okay to express yourself in the first person and use “I” and “we” in your project.
  • 4-paragraph format. The first explains how you picked the topic; the second is about how you did you research. Paragraph #3 tells the readers how did you choose the presentation category and develop your research paper. The last one part summarizes how the entry fits the year’s theme. That is how to write a process essays.
  • 4 Copies. When you are judged, bring no less than four copies of the piece. Print it on white paper; don’t forget to staple in the upper left-hand corner. Do not use covers.
  • Coherent manner. You describe the process step-by-step so that all the process paper examples follow time order.
  • It is not a summary. Please, don’t be misled. The real purpose of the writing is to help your teachers understand how you went about developing your research project. See it yourself by reading examples of a process essay. In case you have a particular reason for choosing your subject, highlight it in your paper.
  • Step 2.

    Step 2. Choosing Process Paper Topics

    ou’ll make a decision what you intended to write about, reflect on a topic you want to research. Selecting a passionate subject for the further elaboration is a wise choice to do. It doesn’t take long to describe familiar things. If, however, you haven’t understood the process, it will be a little bit complicated to study and write it at once. At the same time, this is your path to learn something new. You may accomplish the research process several times before you start the project: this will help you to memorize the steps order.

    Step 3. Wo

    Step 3. Working on Details

    you develop a good process paper outline to follow an initial plan. Otherwise, you might skip some necessary steps. So, what to include in your writing?

    • Title page. Write your name, the title of your entry, and a category that you are entered in.
    • An introductory paragraph. First, tell your readers about a field of your research. The argument, which is typically placed in the last sentence of the part, explains how to solve the problem to the readers. Mostly, analyzing the example of a process paper introduction, you’ll see the key ideas of the paper presented coherently and concisely. A distinctive feature of introduction is its tendency to capture readers’ minds with attention-grabbers so that to persuade them to continue reading.
    • It’s time to show how you are familiar with the research process and understand the subject. Describe what you did the investigation and in which way. Present each of the following steps in the first sentence of its paragraph.
    • For some, this part seems similar to the introductory paragraph. However, it may offer the readers some pieces of advice or information about the process. As a rule, the last paragraph reminds your readers of both the problem and the solution. You might tell the audience what to do with the issue you’ve described earlier.
    • As this type of paper follows time order, you need to find appropriate transitions. In this case, you can mark the steps in your research process. Of course, to complete your assignment successfully, you need a good example of a process essay. Luckily, you might find plenty of them surfing the Internet.

    5 Questions to

    5 Questions to Think About

    tra help with the research process and terminology paper, answer these questions:

    1. Where did you get the key idea for your topic?
    2. What kind of sources (books, newspapers, etc.) did you rely on providing the research?
    3. How did the research affect the way you perceive the subject?
    4. Which way did you choose to put the presentations together? What did you get from this research?
    5. Is there any historical significance of the subject? How did the issue affect the world history?

    In Conclusion<

    In Conclusion

    ike a complicated task for you? Are you looking for more examples of process writing as this assignment is one of your biggest pet peeves? If it so, use this essential advice: do the research first. When you understand the process, it is always simple to tell everyone about your experience. Still, it is not an easy task, so that you may ask someone’s assistance to overcome this challenge. Our skilled authors will provide excellent academic paper according to your demands. Go through all difficulties to do your writing piece and get you perfect entry!