How to write a research paper on a historical person

The task of writing a historical research paper is quite common not only among the students of the history department, but also among pupils. Every country wants to teach its young people the history of their country. To write a research paper is one of the good methods to memorize information. This article discloses the data about writing one of the research paper types – research paper on person of historical significance.

Historical research paper abstract p> To write a research paper on a historical person, you need to know how to choose a topic, how to choose data, how to conduct a research, and how to organize a paper. All this information you will find in the text below.
Preparation process
Research paper on the historical person requires careful preparation as any other academic paper. In the first place, you should choose the topic for your research paper well. The next step is the choice of the information.
How to select a topic
To choose a topic for a historical research paper on some significant person, you need to follow a couple of simple instructions.

  • Always pay attention to what is written in the task. It can contain the specific requirements about the topic.
  • Pay attention to a couple of previous and next themes of the class. It is better to choose a person for your research that is related to your class themes.
  • Don’t pick a too famous person. If the topic of your research is too common, you probably won’t succeed in disclosing it. However, if you have some information that will be quite interesting and unusual, you can use a common topic.
  • Don’t pick an insignificant person. First of all, it will be uninteresting to read about him/her. Secondly, it will be difficult to find some data.
  • Choose the person relying on your interests. You can choose someone, who you think is a positive or negative character, but you still should be objective.


What information to include

earch paper or rubric for research paper on historical person requires quite specific information about some historical individual. There are two problems with this question:

  • What information to search for;
  • Where to look for the information.
  • If you want to disclose your topic fully, you need to search for such data about the subject of your research:

  • Background (family, date, and place of birth and death, education, job, status, title, etc.);
  • Accomplishments (what he/she did and why this is important for history);
  • Effect on history (how the history changed).

To find the relevant data for your research paper can be quite complicated because not all of the sources can be easily found. The Internet eases the process of search heavily, but you also shouldn’t forget about the libraries and different archives. Not all of the books can be found on the web. Sometimes, it is necessary to look for the information about the chosen person not only in biographies and other famous historical books that contain some information about him/her, but it is better to try to find some rare sources. You shouldn’t focus just on the specific sources because it also can be some related source where there is some data about the chosen person.
Writing process
After reading this part you will get to know how to write a research paper on a historical person and how to conduct a research on the chosen topic.


Research steps

earch on a historical topic requires such steps:

  • Preliminary research. You should get the general information about your topic and discuss it with your teacher or professor, in order to identify the main points and find out whether this topic is good.
  • Build a basic bibliography. Use only those sources that can be easily found and definitely contain the necessary data.
  • Build a full bibliography. Try to find the best articles and chapters that will help to disclose your topic fully and interestingly.
  • Look through the gathered sources and analyze the material. Don’t focus on looking for more new details. It is better to analyze something that you have found.
  • Create an outline. The outline for writing a research paper on a historical person will help to organize the information you have and understand what you don’t have yet.

Writing step

Writing steps

ch can’t be finished until you complete your paper because even during writing you can identify some new information that can change the research paper. The writing steps that you need to take to write a research paper are quite simple:

  • Don’t stick to structure. There are not strict order for writing a research paper. You can start from any part you want.
  • Don’t pay attention to the coherence and grammar. Firstly, you need to organize your data logically.
  • After finishing, revise, edit and proofread. Revision is necessary to check whether the content of your paper is good. You should also edit and proofread it in order to get rid of mistakes.

If you are unconfident that these tips on writing a historical research paper will help you, you can find some sample (sample research paper on historical person middle school level, high school level, or university level) to get to know how to write it well or to check whether your paper is written successfully. However, if you still think that it is too complicated for you, you need to get in touch with a reliable writing service that can deal with this and any other task easily.