How to write a thesis statement for a research paper

A good thesis statement for a research paper doesn’t guarantee that your paper will be written perfectly. Yet, if to write a bad thesis statement, you definitely won’t get a research paper. For this reason, you should read this article carefully in order to be aware of the peculiarities of writing this inevitable part of your paper.

Write a thesis statement for a research paper well

Research paper as any other academic paper requires a good thesis statement. If you don’t know how to write a thesis statement for a research paper, there are a few very useful tips that will help to handle this task successfully. You need to know quite a lot of information to be able to create it well.
Tips on writing a thesis statement for your research paper
Before you begin to create a thesis statement for a research, you should understand its purpose and know everything about writing steps.

The purpose of a thesis statement

This part of a research paper is so important for several reasons:

  • It presents the audience how you will explain the importance of the subject matter in your research paper.
  • It is a roadmap for a research paper. In other words, the reader knows what your paper will be thanks to a thesis statement.
  • It has a task to answer the asked questions directly.
  • It writes a statement that can be disputed.
  • It is usually one sentence placed in the introduction part.

Steps to writing a good thesis

Writing a thesis statement for a research paper isn’t an easy process that requires careful thinking. It shouldn’t be the first thing that you write after formulating your topic. There is a specific order that will help to deal with this task easier.

  • Formulate your topic. It should be chosen carefully, otherwise, it will be very hard to create a good research paper thesis statement and a good research paper too.
  • Gather general information about the topic. You should understand what you are going to write about before you start creating your thesis statement.
  • Decide what the point your topic has. It will become the core of your argument.
  • Write a draft thesis statement. It is possible to write a few different thesis statements, and choose the one that will be the best.
  • Refine your thesis statement. Polish your thesis, so it was debatable and specific.
  • Check it for grammar. It is a well-known fact that grammar in academic writing is vital.

Weak or strong thesis statements

However, even if you have written your thesis statement research paper doing everything step by step, it doesn’t mean that it is strong.

How to identify strong thesis statement

There are some questions you need to ask yourself to be confident that your thesis isn’t weak.

  • Is my thesis statement focused?
  • Isn’t my thesis statement too broad?
  • Is my thesis statement debatable?
  • Does my thesis statement make a claim?
  • Is my thesis statement clear?
  • Does my thesis statement include the information about your position on the issue?
  • Is my thesis statement original?

If you have reread your thesis statement and see that everything is fine with it, you can be proud by yourself. Yet, if you are unconfident, it is better to ask someone for help. Your friend or family member can read it and share with you his/her point of view about the written thesis statement. Apart from this, thesis research paper format also should be fine. This part of the research paper should be formatted the same as other parts.

Examples of weak and strong thesis statements

Every thesis statement in research paper, or essay, or any other paper is unique. However, to look through some of the examples is a great method to learn how to write your own thesis statement well.

  • Your thesis shouldn’t be too broad:
    • Don’t write: Smoking is harmful to your health and should be avoided.
    • Write: People all over the world should eliminate the number of smoked cigars and cigarettes because smoking leads to serious health problems with lungs, teeth, and heart.
  • The topic and thesis statement should be debatable:
    • Don’t write: People in Africa struggle from the lack of water.
    • Write: It is possible to help people in Africa, who struggle from the lack of water if to organize regular school and college activities to gather donations.
  • The thesis statement should be clear:
    • Don’t write: Secondhand smoking is very bad and it can lead to cancer and heart disease. For this reason, people shouldn’t smoke in public places. However, it is quite unfair to smokers, so non-smokers should hold their breath or just wear masks.
    • Write: Secondhand smoking is even more harmful than smoking, and it also leads to heart problems and cancer. What’s worse, non-smokers inhale smoke without consent. That is why smoking should be banned in all public places.

These tips are very good to read if you have to learn how to deal with writing a thesis statement. However, it isn’t enough just to know this information. Without practice and professional check, it is very complicated not only to create a good thesis statement but also to identify whether the one you have is written well. For this reason, you can find research paper thesis help by using writing services of a reliable online company. It can not only write for you any paper or part of a paper but also to check and correct your own writing work.