How to Write a Thesis Statement Successfully

Thesis statement definition and purpose

Thesis statement definition and purpose

When you are creating your paper, you definitely have to write a thesis statement. This is the one or a couple of sentences that reflects the main idea of your writing. It’s not just a topic, but it is a judgment or opinion of the writer about the article’s subject. Usually you should put it in the final part of your introduction, and this allows you to go directly into the subject in the main part of your paper. Don’t try to put the thesis statement in the very beginning of your article, because readers may forget it or confuse what’s your article’s main idea.

You may ask what’s a thesis statement purpose and why you have to create it. This small but important part gives you readers an understanding what you are going to discuss in your paper’s body paragraph. It also helps you to define your work’s direction and limits of your writing. Keep in your memory that you can’t just put it as a fact, because a strong thesis statement needs to be proved. You have to find good supportive evidence to provide your readers with, and motivate your audience to read the entire work. All main ideas of your paper should be connected to the thesis statement.

What is a thesis statement: format and tips for writing

What is a thesis statement - format and tips for writing

Probably, during writing you can think about a thesis statement format. Actually, there is no single rule for this, but still you can follow our guidelines:

  • You shouldn’t make it longer than one or two sentences.
  • Make sure it informs the audience clearly about your paper.
  • Keep your argument focused.
  • You located it in your work’s introduction.

As we said above, a thesis statement shows the audience what to expect from your work. Its writing may be helpful in organizing the outline of the entire paper. If you have got your assignment from a school teacher, writing a thesis could be the must-have requirement of your task.

What do you need to make a good thesis statement? Here are our tips about starting your work:

  • Research your topic. It’s quite difficult to make a successful work if you don’t know your subject well, and of course you won’t be able to write a good thesis statement. That’s why we suggest making research to get more facts about the paper you are going to write.
  • Narrow your topic. Depends on how long paper you should create, try to limit your subject. This is obviously that the longer work you have to write, the broad topic you need to choose.
  • Brainstorm your ideas. Whether you can’t write your paper beginning, or feel stuck with a thesis statement, take a clean sheet of paper and write down anything connected to your subject that comes to your head. After writing, analyze your notes, make some connections, pick some ideas. This will help you to formulate your paper’s thesis statement.
  • And, if you feel stuck with how to write thesis statement, we also suggest reading these short tips that will make your work successful:

  • Try not to put the argument in the middle of the introduction, but move it to the end.
  • Be very clear, there is no reason to write things that are not necessary.
  • Avoid phrases “the point of my paper is”, or “Here is the main idea of my work”. These things won’t make your work better.

If you need some additional instructions about writing, try to search for thesis statement examples on the Internet. Looking at other papers may help you to get an idea how to write a thesis statement for an essay easily and fast.

When you already created a thesis statement, outline is still a thing that preferable to do for writing your work. Thanks to it, you can easily put all arguments and subtopics logically here, and thanks to it, you will be able to write an excellent paper. Remember that during writing your work, your thesis statement may be revised and changed. You may find some new ideas and thoughts that you’d like to include into it, so you can feel free to revise the thesis and modify it during the writing process of your paper.


How to make a thesis statement: writing guide

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  1. Pick an interesting topic.
  2. Make researches on your topic to understand better what you are going to write about in your article.
  3. Define your future paper type and purpose, and also make sure you know the audience of your work.
  4. Write down a thesis (see the example below).
  5. Don’t forget to revise it during writing your paper and change, if necessary.

Things you should avoid when you’re thinking how to write a thesis statement:

  1. Never formulate it as a question. If we will remember what is thesis statement, it’s easy to understand it should be the answer, but definitely not a question.
  2. Your thesis isn’t a long list, so keep it brief and clear.
  3. Never mention anything you’re not going to discuss in your paper.
  4. A big mistake is to write from the first person.
  5. Try to hook the readers and motivate them to read the entire paper.


How to write a good thesis statement: example

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As you already know, this is not just a fact, but the creation of your own research. We want to share with you four easy steps that could be helpful when you ask yourself how to write a thesis statement for a research paper:

  1. State your paper’s main subject and focus on it.
  2. For example: school education + IT technologies

  3. Make an argument or a claim.
  4. For example: IT technologies can be helpful in improving school education

  5. Carefully revise the short sentence you have, adding some words.
  6. For example: Nowadays, IT technologies can be very effective and helpful in improving school education, taking in into new level.

  7. Revise it more, trying to cover your paper’s scope and create a strong statement.
  8. For example: Nowadays, despite on disadvantages of online programs for studying, modern IT technologies can be very effective and helpful in improving and developing school education, making the process more interesting and simple and taking it into new level.


Writing a thesis statement: help from the professional company

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Write a thesis statement successfully

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