How to Write a Well-Reading Research Paper Proposal?

Research proposal writing is a challenging task for a thesis paper writer no doubt, but the good news is, there are expert suggestions from specialist writers explaining how to write a research paper proposal, which works as great resource. In fact, once you understand the purpose and clues to create a well read and critically purposeful research proposal, the mission of writing the same becomes an easy to manage assignment for you.

Before we start pondering on the subject “how do you write proposal for a research paper”, let’s take a quick look about the functionality of thesis proposal.

What is research paper proposal?

In terms of purpose, research paper proposal sheds light on the fact that the topic you are researching is worth critical analysis. Furthermore the proposal for a research paper displays your grasp over the topic or your comprehensive research idea to explore the topics from multiple academic angles. Functionality wise, a research proposal is set in demonstrating the methodology of the research process. It is a semi technical academic component of a thesis paper written in academic scholarly tone and it is expected to follow a stipulated format of writing.

Understanding the format of research proposal

The research paper proposal format largely depends on the purpose and there is no fixed blueprint for it. However, an ideal proposal should ensure a few points, like,

  • You have done adequate research/study/analysis to understand the topic assigned for thesis,
  • You have planned a detail study process to derive larger and more relevant academic meaning of the assigned topic.

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Tips to write a well read research proposal

According to expert research paper writers, there are six vital components that help in writing a successful proposal for research topics to bring out the comprehensive potential of the research topic. As a proposal writer you need to use these six factors to start your pitch. These six factors are:


Title of the research proposal bears significant concern because it has to be aligned to the main research topic as well as it should have interesting twist and tweaks to grab your reviewer’s mind. The words should be selected with clear and descriptive approach so that enough hints can be shared about the research topic. On the other hand, the title of the proposal should have an inherent link with the research title to establish the consistency of content development process of the thesis.


The abstract is the concise summary of the research paper and it is written within 200-300 words. An abstract must include a few approaches like:

  • The purpose of writing a proposal
  • The reason behind your research, writing, analysis of the assigned topic,
  • A tentative prediction of the result.

According to the global writing approach of the writers from, a discussion can be added here to explain the course of research planning, etc.


This is again the prologue of the proposal and ideally should be of 2-3 paragraphs’ length where a scholastic overview of the entire research paper is projected. You need to write it interestingly and by incorporation of these 4 points.

  • The conflict/controversy/analysis you are going to address in your research paper.
  • The valid reason behind the research and the utility of this research process.
  • A prediction about the result of the research,
  • If you want to have any predicament in mind, you need to write it down, etc.

Some information may get slightly repetitive as you have done the same in abstract portion. But while abstract is like a scholastic summary of the research paper, the introduction is the part of academic details of the research with its methodology.

Literature Review:

This is the evidence part of the research course where you need to clarify the convincing resources to validate the topic you are dealing with. Besides expert’s view, scholastic literature review helps in adding more critical insights in the proposal. Literature review is the critical validation part of the research and that is the reason it has to be done with diligence, sincerity, or honesty.


It is again a critical analysis of the research topic which includes its complications, limitations, potential, and scope of study to add new angles in its analysis. The discussion part of the proposal will depict the suitability of the topic for further research on it.

Methodology and Results:

Methodology of the proposal clearly defines the course of action to complete the research process. Here as writer you need to narrate and explain the prime actions for conducting the research so that the reviewers can understand the diligence, and ethical approach, and commitment of the research fellow in completing this study course. The elements used for deciding and progressing the course of research is discussed elaborately under methodology section.

The result of the proposal is the logical derivation of the methodology and that you need to mention here with due meticulousness. By declaring the result you can assure your reviewers about the output of the research process you are conducting.

These are some of the ways to write the research paper proposal for your thesis. A proposal is mainly required for applying grant, scholarship, etc. so that the research gets aided, validated, and well understood for its scholastic importance. Hence the entire proposal should be written in lucid and error free diction to showcase your level of knowledge and command over the topic.


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