How to write an essay for medical school admission

If you have got an assignment to create an essay medical school, you need to get to know at least some information about it to be able to tackle this paper. This article gives you a chance to find out the particularities of admission essay writing and secondary essay writing for medical school.

Write a medical school secondary essay and admission essay

This article discloses the most important questions about writing a medical school sample essay: information about the topic choice, structure and misconceptions. This is the basic information that every young person, who wants to be a student of a medical school, should know.

Admission essay writing

If you want to write a good essay for medical school application, you need to pick an interesting and catching topic and structure your paper well.
Essay topics
The goal of your essay should be to demonstrate why you want to study medicine, and why you deserve to become a part of a chosen medicine school. When you are writing an application for a medical school, you need to:

  • Tell about your personality. However, this information should be related to medicine.
  • Tell about your achievements in medicine.
  • Provide clear explanation why you deserve the place in medicine school.
  • However, this information won’t be enough to pick a good topic because if to rely only on these qualities, the topic will be too broad. If you really want to choose the best topic for your application essay, you should:

  • Create a list of the qualities you want to demonstrate in your essay.
  • Pick an event from your past that demonstrates these qualities (or most of them).
  • Make sure that your story is interesting and relevant.
  • Make sure that you remember enough details to tell your story.

Essay structure
A structure of your sample medicine school essay can be anything you want. However, it is very good to use a narrative or persuasive essay structure type. In this case, you need to have:

  • An introduction part. It is necessary to present your essay and explain what it will be about.
  • A body part. You should present a narrative story about some event in your life related to your choice of medicine path or provide a few arguments and examples why you have chosen this path.
  • A conclusion. You should restate your thesis statement or state once again why to become a part of a medicine school is so important for you.

Diversity secondary essay writing

If you need to write a diversity essay for medical school, you should know what prompts are the most appropriate and what mistakes you should avoid.

Diversity secondary essay prompts

There are a few important things that you should know about the diversity secondary essay prompts medical school:

  • Medical schools like to advertise the diversity of their patients and student bodies through their brochures, class profile statistics, and picture if smiling students.
  • When you are asked to choose a diversity topic, it means that the school is interested in such questions as cultural competency and diversity of patients.
  • Your essay should demonstrate the willingness and effort to understand the patients’ differences in health beliefs, needs, and practices.
  • Your essay also should present the willingness and effort to combine these differences to provide well-qualified and effective care that fits the desires of every patient.

If you still have problems with understanding what topic to choose for diversity topics, you need to look through at least one sample medical essay.

Diversity secondary essay misconceptions

Apart from the general recommendations, there are a few misconceptions about writing essays on such topics.

  • Some people think if they don’t come from any minority background, they can write anything about it. It is a popular misconception. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to write an essay about your or someone’s socioeconomic and ethnocultural backgrounds. You can write about anything that makes you unique: your great qualities, goals, visions, unique experience, a commitment to service, and many other things.
  • Other people think that main unique thing they have (for instance, some ethnic minority background) is already well-presented in medicine and they don’t have anything to write about. First of all, it is always possible to find what to write about. Secondly, there is always some personal unique experience that can be presented in an essay, even if the topic is quite popular.
  • The third group of people thinks that the more times the words “multicultural”, “diversity”, and “underserved” is written, the more the admission committee will be interested in the essay and in the author of the essay because of his/her competence, sensitivity, and awareness. Yet, the situation is quite the opposite. It is necessary to use these terms wisely, so your essay didn’t look like a cliché.

If you don’t know how to write an essay for medical school admission or you have no idea what topic to choose or how to structure your essay, you should leave the idea to write it on your own at least for now. Otherwise, there are high chances that you will fail. Instead, you need to pick a good paper writing company, which professionals can complete this task without any problems.