How to Write Effective Resume

Resume Writing Advice

Resume Writing Advice

Everybody knows that today’s job market is especially competitive and tough. It is impossible to get a job without a good resume. How to write an effective resume? Usually, you have to go through an online application process and attach your resume to your application. Your resume should be ready saved as a Word file on your computer so you can attach it to an email or print it out if needed.

What a good resume look like? A comprehensive and effective resume is the key of attracting your employer’s attention to your application. When you apply for a desired position you need to make sure you have the best resume otherwise there will be no job interview. Employers get hundreds of resumes for each position.

The hiring officer doesn’t have much time. On average it takes 10 seconds for and HR officer to look at your resume and decide whether through it into the rejected pile or move it into the pile for consideration.

Before even looking at the available job you should ask yourself the following question: “How to make a resume that stands out?”

You know a saying: “Where is a will, there is a way.” It means that following simple and effective advice and tips you will be able to compose a good resume. It can be described a process that consists of several steps. Let’s go through them together and see how your resume takes shape. The four steps are:

– Information gathering

– Information processing

– Information presenting

– Information reviewing and revising

Step One: Information Gathering for Your Resume

How to make a good resume? Before you actually start writing your resume, you should write down all the information about your education, fellowships, internships, employment and professional experience. You will need to write down exact dates when you started and quit your jobs, you will need detailed and short descriptions of your duties and responsibilities.

You might want to list your professional development certificates. You should also double-check the addresses and names of the companies you worked for. You should write down any relevant volunteer or students activities because you can refer to it in your resume in case you don’t have too much experience and if you are a recent graduate. Think what can qualify you as a great job candidate and write it down into your list.

You also should compose a list of your accomplishments. Your list should include relevant skills like advanced driving skills, basic accounting or web design. You should make should you don’t forget something relevant and important. It can be even a volunteering at a local dog shelter or being elected as a school president. You also should put your experience into words.

What were you responsible for while taking that position? You should also write down your current address and phone number. Think twice before you use some weird or crazy email address. You need to have an email address that has part of your family name in it and doesn’t contain any foul words.

Step Two: Information processing

After you have gathered and written down detailed and relevant information about your professional experience, let it sit for a day or two. You should make sure you didn’t forget anything. Meanwhile, you should have a look at effective resume examples that you can find online. You also can ask your friends and family to share their resume with you and learn from their example. A picture is worth a thousand words.

You should search for the examples of resume in your specific field of employment because a resume in academia is different from a resume in a corporate world, and doctor’s resume is different from an accountant’s one. There are certain professional expectations concerning language, format, presentation of the information and so on.

Step Three: Information presenting

As far as information presentation and layout go, there are two basic ways to format a resume. By looking at examples of resume in your field, make a wise choice, which one will work better for your resume. You should remember that there are two ways to present the information you’ve gathered:

– Forward chronology

– Reverse chronology

Forward chronology is that you start from your education and then you list your first job or internship and move forward to the moment you write a resume. It is possible and some say it is easier, but it is not advisable to structure your resume in this way unless it is acceptable in your field.

Reverse chronology is what most employers expect to see. In your resume you should start with the most recent and relevant job and then you go back in time to the year of your education.

No wonder that most busy employers prefer reverse chronology resume structure because they can see it right away if a person is a good candidate for a job. Most of them make a quick judgment based on the last place of your employment and on the most recent responsibilities and duties that you performed ay your job.

Step Four: Information reviewing and revising

After you put your resume together, you should make sure that it is well-structured and well presented. You should show it to someone who can give you a feedback and tell if something is missing or something is irrelevant in your resume. You should seek advice from your colleagues, from your boss, from your friends, or even better from someone who already succeeded in landing a similar job of your dreams. You should listen to the advice and take it seriously.

Finally, proofread it, make should it is clean and sleek, it is professional and send it out together with your application. You should make sure the text is aligned. You should make sure it is ready to read and all information makes sense and positions you as an excellent candidate for a job. You should remember that you compete against other good candidates and that the employers want to find a perfect fit for the open position.

Get Help from a Skilled Resume Writer

Get Help from Resume Writer

When preparing and writing your resume, you can feel overwhelmed and nervous. In such cases, many people get a professional advice and help. You also can also seek a professional help from online resume writers. You will still have to go through step one and put all information together, but other three steps will be taken care of. The professional writers produce hundreds of good resumes every day and help people get a job they want.

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