Informative Essay Definition and Tips

Informative Essay Definition

If you are assigned an informative essay for your high school or college class, you might postpone completing it till the day preceding the submission. After all, it can’t be that hard, can it? But as the deadline approaches and you get down to writing, you find yourself struggling.

What topic to choose? How to start an essay? How to present all the thoughts that cram your head the right way? What am I supposed to write so that my essay is an informative one? How to write a good informative essay? Let us consider the main concepts of an informative essay.

Definition of an Informative Essay

To start with, what is an informative essay? The term is quite explicit and its main purpose is to inform or educate a reader on a particular topic. It is built on facts and leaves no place for personal opinion or judgment. Prior to writing your assignment, you should consider the tips that we give you on how to write informative essay.

  1. You have to assume that readers know nothing about your topic. For that reason make your writing as straightforward and easy to understand as possible.
  2. Avoid elaborate language as it might cause your text to be unnecessary tumid.
  3. Sometimes informative essays require comparing controversial points of view on a subject or providing cause and effect correlation. While explaining to readers various points of views you as an author remain neutral and unbiased.
  4. In an informative essay, you have to rely on facts that are either were acquired during your class or were found in trustworthy sources. If you rely on the World Wide Web, check credibility of the online portals and statistics you get from them. You do not want to mislead your readers, do you?
  5. Choose an interesting topic for informative essay. Being interested in what you write about is a key to success. If you are to write on a free topic and you can’t seem to come up with a good one, look for informative essay prompts online. There are plenty of topics for informative essay, and you can find a really creative one that will enable you to write a unique paper.
  6. Pick a topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad so that you have something to write about but at the same time your paper does not have a size of a dissertation.
  7. Brainstorm before writing an essay. Pin down the thoughts and facts that come to your mind whenever you think of the topic.

Informative Essay Format

Just like any other type of writing informative essays have a standard format and consist of an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. A five-paragraph formula is normally used for informative essays. That means you have 3 paragraphs of the main body framed by a catchy introduction and a powerful conclusion.

An informative essay thesis must be the cornerstone of your introduction. In your thesis, you introduce the main point of your writing to the readers. It can either grab their attention or leave indifferent. Do your best to compose an attention winning and coherent thesis statement.

In your main body, provide some background information and underpin a thesis statement with facts. Devote a separate paragraph to each aspect of a problem posed in your essay. Make logical transitions from one paragraph to another. Each paragraph should relate to the thesis statement and elaborate on it.

In the conclusion, it is important that you summarize concisely what was said in the main body and restate a thesis statement to make it a powerful one.

To get a sample of an excellent informative essay search for an example of informative essay online. Once you find one, it should help to create a powerful piece of writing of your own.

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