MLA Formatting Sample Paper: Have a Close Look at It

MLA Formatting Sample

Modern Language Association or MLA in short is a style that is used for writing papers for the liberal arts and humanities courses. It regulates the way your text will look like within one paper. You can write almost any academic paper and stick to the MLA format. There are not so many strict rules in this case that could make writing a horrible nightmare. We’ll give you the recommendations to make your paper look great.

There are a few things that you should consider. Let’s take the sample of a citation. The order of the elements that you should use has to be the following:

  • The author of the text;
  • The title of the book;
  • The version;
  • The number;
  • The publisher;
  • The publication date;
  • The place.

You should use punctuation marks after stating every element such as a period or a comma. There’s no need to use any columns or parentheses or any other dull punctuation marks. It’s just the sample of how you can use this format without making things too complicated.


MLA formatting paper example: how to make it look good?

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MLA format is used for various types of papers and you can sometimes need to use it. Usually, professors define the type of the paper by giving you just the name of the format. If you have the task to use the MLA format, scroll down to see the tips on academic paper formatting.


Build up credibility

most complicated thing in the MLA paper formatting is the citations. You cannot build up credibility to your piece of writing if you don’t use reliable sources and you just state your own opinion. If you’re using the words of another person, you should clearly define them to make the readers understand that you’re not the author of them. This format can protect you from any kind of plagiarism as your text cannot be used legally without citations.


Formatting the paper: a beautiful look

type your paper in any word processing application that you feel comfortable to work with. Use a standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper for every page of your paper. Use double spacing to make your text readable. You should use only one font within the whole text. Put one space after every punctuation mark. Use the Tab button to set the margin for every new paragraph of your text.

These rules are easy to follow, but they may seem complicated when you use them for the first time. Don’t worry, the more you practice the easier it will be to stick to this format. It will become your habit and you will make fewer mistakes with every new paper. Look through the text carefully and check if there are the spaces after every comma or period in your text.

Formatting t

Formatting the first pages

scientific paper may seem too hard if you do everything at once. Let’s break the whole process into several steps and do APA formatting paper page by page. If you have the task to create a title page, do it. If you haven’t heard a word about it from your professor, forget about the title page. For the title page, use the upper left corner to state the information about you, your professor, your course and the date.

Use double spacing on every line of the title page. Use one font and don’t add any beautiful pictures or anything else but the text. If you have any special recommendations from your professor about the format, you should stick to them and only after you have used them, you can add some aspects of the Chicago paper formatting.

Formatting the gol

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There are direct and indirect citations that you can use in the text of your paper. All of the following would require citation formatting in a research paper except the last point:

  • Use quotation marks. It’s obvious, but many students ignore using them and the readers consider their texts as plagiarism;
  • Don’t use quotations if you have a separate paragraph for it. Just inform the reader that you’re going to cite the source and put the semicolon before the cited text.
  • Don’t use quotation marks for the poems. Just state the name of the author and the name of the poem with the semicolon before the poem.
  • Use three periods to shorten the text you want to use as a citation. The readers will consider this and see that some elements of the poem are missing.
  • Do whatever your professor tells you to do. We’re not joking about paper formatting.

Formatting the end


Formatting the end

to a weird battlefield of what type of font is better or what size will provide more impression on the readers. The turabian paper formatting requires a smooth and clear manner of writing. You stick to the standard rules and you don’t invent any new approaches to them. You can devote from one paragraph to one page to the conclusion, so make sure you’re using one single style.

When you finish formatting, take a look at your paper in a few days. If you spend a lot of time doing the monotonous routine, your brain gets tired of it and you can make a lot of mistakes. So read the whole paper to check every inch of it and make sure all the elements of the paper meet the requirements of the MLA or Chicago style formatting paper.

Use visuals

If you plan

Use visuals

hings like pictures, photos, diagrams and so on, make sure they are of high quality. Every visual should be used only if it fits the whole story. It should improve the understanding of the text and help readers navigate through your paper easily. We advise using only high-quality pictures and photos that will look great when you print it or let the readers view them on their screens.

You can use online and offline tools to edit the photos. They shouldn’t be too big or small. The perfect size is matching the text borders and the same margin. Don’t make your text look longer with different fonts, try to add some more visuals that are related to what you’ve written in this part.

Need help with formatting the paper?

Get help with formatting the paperGet help with formatting the paper

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Different situations may happen in your life that may distract you from education or from some writing tasks. Formatting a paper is a thing that can drive any student mad as it may make you rewrite the whole text. If you need help with formatting and making your text look perfect, you can ask us for help on this site. We’re a team of professional writers and we’ll help you reduce stress and get your paper ready in short time.

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