Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

School Uniform Essay

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Do we need a school uniform? This question is asked by thousands of children, parents, and teachers around the world. Why did the introduction of the mandatory school uniform become so urgent? Why cannot society come to the common conclusion? We think that the reason lies in the contradiction between the desire for collective unity and the possibility of self-expression.

Three Arguments for the School Uniform

The uniform may create a business environment in the classroom. Everyone knows that before the introduction of the school uniform, children were able to enter classes in any clothing. But worn jeans with a pullover are not the worst of the options. Some girls, especially high school students, tend to wear short mini-skirts that are out of place in schools. The reprimands and remarks from the school management do not always help. Therefore, the introduction of a standard uniform for schoolchildren would help to solve this problem.

In one school class, children from families with different incomes are studying. Some parents buy for their daughters or sons the best and most fashionable clothes. Others can only afford the cheapest things, bought on sales. Because of this, the children of poor parents feel uncomfortable, their self-esteem is lowered. And the children of rich parents assert themselves at their dads’ money and become arrogant. Neither of these incomes is good for the child’s harmonious education. The uniform would surely smooth the social inequality.

It’s no secret that in adolescence, clothing preferences are marginal. Teenagers choose clothes that parents are ashamed to look at. At the same time, the formation of the taste remains entirely in the hands of the parents. But not all parents can and want to bring up a sense of style in their children. So, the officially approved school uniform will help the children navigate in the fashion world. Young people should be accustomed to wearing strict clothes.

Three Arguments Against the School Uniform

When children have to wear the same clothes every day, looking exactly like all classmates, is this a modern teenager’s dream? In the world, where it became possible to create your own style, even for little money, many teenagers want to express themselves through clothing. And their wish to be individual seems to be fair. Of cause, children have more opportunities for self-expression outside the school, but they spend the major of time in schools anyway.

Pupils are children, and children want to move, play, run, ride in the snow, etc. At the same time, if a schoolboy is dressed in the uniform, the games become difficult for him. The likelihood of spoiling the shape, wiping the trousers or tearing the blouse is increased. Students of lower grades have to restrain themselves, run and play less, afraid to damage their uniforms and be punished for that later, instead of the natural activity for this age after classes. This way, the business-like uniform is not always convenient and practical at school.

The school uniform should be made of high-quality natural materials with a small admixture of synthetics. But such materials are quite expensive, so such school uniform become to the parents a pretty penny. Many schools go in a different way, ordering a cheap school uniform, mostly from synthetic materials. Such clothes do not allow breathing the skin, which negatively affects the health of children.

In order to conclude, the question of introducing a single school uniform is full of contradictions. It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this issue since it is necessary to take into account a number of details. We can only note that the school uniform has long been successfully introduced in many countries of the world, such as the US or the Great Britain. In many cases, due to traditions and prestige, the students may wear their uniforms with pride and sincerely love this kind of clothing.