Recommendations on How to Write a Film Review Essay

When it comes to college writing, there are many types of essays. Along with book reviews, students are usually required to do movie reports. Many students wonder why such assignments are so important. Actually, this kind of essays is common in college and other educational institutions across the world.

Most students like movies; however, they still face some problems when writing movie review essay. In fact, doing such an assignment is easier than it may appear. When students analyze different aspects of the film they are watching, they develop their critical opinion.

Thanks to film review homework, they learn how to find meaning in things which seem to be meaningless on the surface. Moreover, this kind of assignments makes students focus on details as well as helps them to improve their creativity.

If you are fond of both watching films and writing, then you will probably be lucky enough to create a good paper. To get a good grade, all you need to do is to pay attention to the smallest details, think critically, and use your vocabulary and writing skills to the full.

movie review for college

How to write a movie review for college

Usually, you are assigned to watch and review specific documentaries; however, it happens that you get the freedom to choose movies and analyze them on your own. Of course, if you have such an opportunity, then pick something that can be connected to the current events. It is good if your choice is of great significance!

Except for detailed analysis, your report should also contain your personal response to what has happened in the movie. However, make sure that your response is subtle. Avoid using expressions such as “In my opinion” or “As for me” and so forth as your paper should be unbiased.

When writing a movie review, format it in accordance with the specific formatting style guidelines or your professor’s instructions. Nevertheless, there are common elements that a regular report should contain. They are following:

  • Movie title. Every essay should come with a title of the film. Except for mentioning it at the headline, don’t forget to use it in the text by itself. It is advisable to name it in the introductory section. You may think that it is a stupid thing to pay attention to; however, it is included in the list of the most common mistakes made by students.
  • Summary. There is no surprise that the main aim of the review is to summarize the film for those who have never watched it. To create an effective summary, assume that your professor is one of those people. In such a way, you will not miss out the smallest details thinking that he or she has already watched the movie. To do a good job, tell a reader about what happened in the motion picture and express your own point of view on things like the plot, visual effects, and so forth. Don’t hesitate to say whether you like the movie or not. Use some examples to support your opinion.
  • Filmmaker. When giving a movie review assignment, college professors may ask students to do a little research on the filmmaker. Therefore, devote a few paragraphs to the person who directed the movie. It wouldn’t go amiss to mention his or her other works as well. This will help you to establish the significance of the piece you are working on for his or her career.
  • Creative elements. Filmmakers do their best to include as many creative elements into their movies as possible. Try to find out how these elements are important to the plot and motion picture on the whole. For instance, outfits can either enhance the film or confuse its intent. Vivid colors will create a lifted atmosphere while dull ones will add a tinge of sadness to the picture. High-quality sound effects will contribute to the superior viewing experience while bad ones will play a low-down trick. Moreover, the whole story will also depend on the camera movements and its angles alike. If there are any symbols in the picture, don’t forget to mention them when writing a movie review.
  • Cast of the film. It is also advisable to mention the people who play in the movie. Point out whether the actors were effective or not. Write about their acting skills. Explain why particular actors are or aren’t the right fit for their roles.

The elements of a movie review mentioned above don’t come in any specific order. You can place them depending on various factors such as the professor’s preferences, movie genre, course topic, film review format, and so forth. An important stage of the whole writing process is to arrange all of these components in such a way so that you can create an informative and functional essay. To sum up, make sure that your report is structured logically and is interesting to read further.

Useful tips and common mistakes

If you like discussing motion pictures you watch, then you will probably have much fun when creating your report. Below, there are useful tips on how to make a good movie review that will help you to write a successful summary:

  • Before getting to creating an essay, watch the film at least twice. Don’t neglect to make some notes to memorize everything to the smallest details; otherwise, you are likely to miss out something important;
  • Do a little research about the movie on the Internet. Learn more about the filmmaker, film style, plot, locations, actors, and so forth;
  • To write a good paper, you should understand the movie. Therefore, it is important to analyze it the minute you finished watching it. Even though it will require a little time, you will have to evaluate the motion picture from the very beginning to the end;
  • Write an outline;
  • Use examples for everything you mention. If you think that the movie is bad, then explain your opinion. If you like or dislike some dialogues, then include some of them in your summary. Don’t neglect to support all of your thoughts with evidence. This will help you to develop your critical thinking skills;
  • Look at the originality and quality of the scenes.

Even if you think that you know how to write a film review for school, you may still make some common mistakes. Continue reading to get to know how to avoid them:

  • First of all, don’t focus on anything except for the movie. Don’t include information on the history of cinematography or that particular film genre. Avoid mentioning unnecessary details;
  • Don’t insert yourself. Even though your essay should reflect your personal opinion, it doesn’t mean that you can write in the first person. As we have already mentioned, make sure that your report is subtle;
  • Remember to check information on the movie, its maker, and actors, etc. in different sources;
  • Always support your thoughts and ideas with examples;
  • Make sure that you stick to the particular film review structure.

Need some help with movie review writing?

Putting your thoughts on a paper is an excellent way of demonstrating your vocabulary and critical thinking skills as well as the ability to focus on details. However, it may happen that you lack those skills or you simply don’t feel like doing any assignments. In such a case, you can always rely on our team of professional writers who will create a successful review within the agreed timescale taking into account your professor’s guidelines and your personal preferences.