Reflection Paper: Why Is It So Easy to Write?

Reflection Paper

During your study, you will definitely meet multiple complex assignments, overcome thousands of challenges and handle the most stressful situations. In reality, not every single task is a significant threat to your school or student life. Yes, simple assignments really exist! A reflection paper is among them. Why do we consider it as an easy work to do?

What Is a Reflection Paper?

What do you know about this type of essays? How does it differ from summary or research papers? Speaking of reflection paper definition, we must underline that it is concerned with your own thinking on the subject. In other words, the reader wants to know what you think about the issue. Usually, most tutors tend to require their students to write about a similar subject. Occasionally, you have a general topic to elaborate, for instance, the worst college experience. It is something personal that you expected to share with others. All this is about your personal insights. You may call to mind your experience or observations. Let know your beliefs. As you see, there is nothing difficult about this type of paper. Probably, it is the easiest task you will meet during the study. You don’t need to calculate anything, working on numerous figures, and summarize thoughts of great humans. Just be as you are. Express your ideas, describe the way you see the things around.

Pay attention: a reflection essay is not a paper that contains mixed thoughts of different authors. You may quote famous persons, but rather support your own observation, not discussing their thoughts. Thus, this type of the paper requires only your ideas.

How to Start a Reflection Paper?

  • It is the first step after you’ve developed reflection paper outline. There are no strict rules how you should present this paragraph. You may use some general statements or give the reader a hook to convince him to read all your paper attentively. Mostly, the introduction includes some kind of thesis and statements that sum up the entire project.
  • Issue description. A reflection paper format demands from a student to develop the key ideas in the body paragraph. Here you should disclose your judgments and suggestions. You may recall something from your own experience to make your opinion sound more persuasive.
  • It is the final part of any paper where you should summarize everything you have written above. Note your personal insight and give the readers your opinion but in a more concise format. Your own reflections make your essay different from other writing pieces.

Experiential or Reading? Two Essay Types

You should know about two kinds of essays. Despite the resemblance, they have some differences.

1.      Experiential

As the reflection paper is a “bridge” between practice and theory, it mostly used in numerous professional programs: education, healthcare, business, forensics, and more. Why is it so? Thinking about your knowledge, you don’t only express your personal reflective essay examples experience but also estimate thoughts from the class. You have the opportunity to find your own approach to the field based on your practice and observations. It’s a chance to evaluate your skills and obtained knowledge. It leads you to your personal growth as a professional. However, strike a balance between reporting and analysis. Here, read some reflection paper template questions that help you manage the task.

  • What is your studying goal?
  • How does this goal fit with the concepts from the course reflection paper?
  • What did you get from this practice?
  • What did you know about yourself and the field?
  • Does your experience fit with the objectives of the course?

Find a reflection paper template and think about the purpose of the writing piece. It is simple: show what you have learned in the course. Remember, your observations from a classroom can be analyzed due to the theoretical concept. Abstract things turn to the real study when considered within your personal experience.

2.      Reading

Plenty of interdisciplinary courses ask students to submit a reading reflection paper to stimulate balanced assessment of the texts. Several important questions to ask:

  • What is the key point?
  • Do you agree with the author’s thesis? Why?
  • What do you know about the issue?
  • How does it affect you?
  • Does this article help you to understand the subject or explore the field of your study?

The regular purpose is to get your opinion and assumptions about ideas presented in the article. Sharing your suggestions, you give to the listeners hint how this piece affects your interpretation.

Great Tips for Good Essays

  • You may use one or two. However, be careful because your essay shouldn’t be entirely what other people think about the matter. Find reflection template for students to see how to write reflection paper correctly.
  • You need to give an example of reflection paper about yourself. It is what your instructors are expected you to do: explain and analyze, use your observations, knowledge, and skills.
  • Academic tone. What is a reflection in writing academic papers? It is of the few personal pieces where you can use the first person pronoun. However, never treat reflection essay as a personal blog avoiding slang and Internet abbreviations. Maintain a formal tone. If you mentioned your experience related to others, tell the readers about the actions that influenced your conclusions. Don’t be rude describing other persons that caused unpleasant events in your past.
  • “Magic” phrases make your text flow, let you introduce particular details, and shift the argument. You may use such expressions as “Moreover,” “For instance,” “On the contrary,” etc. Thus, you can elegantly connect separate ideas in the coherent text. Otherwise, the paragraphs of the paper will not fit together nicely.
  • Do not let unfortunate mistakes spoil everything. After you’ve completed your paper, read it several times, one aloud. In such a way, you will identify possible errors in your writing. Try to use spell-checkers: they might be helpful.
  • Become familiar with the style requirements of the course, as you can lose some points if you do not follow the rules.

In Conclusion

Be yourself. This advice sounds simple, but it works. There is no need pretending to be someone else because your instructors want to see how you keep growing inside yourself. Focus on this fundamental aspect. If you cannot deal with stress, don’t worry about future career and exams: 10 Page Papers professional writing service is always glad to give you a hand if necessary. Maintain peace of mind and constantly strive for the excellent results!